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The Best Essential Oils for Beards

The Best Essential Oils for Beards

Posted by Michael James on

Whether it’s on our heads or faces, hair is an expression of our identity. It’s also a key indicator of wellness.

In order to have the healthiest beard, it’s critical that you are aware of the products you’re using. The wrong ingredients can leave your beard dry and irritated. Some chemicals can cause hair loss or worse.  

But the right ingredients can revitalize and moisturize your beard, boosting sheen, growth and overall health. The following essential oils for beards can not only invigorate your facial hair, but, in the right amounts, they can make you look great in the process:  


One of the most fragrant essential oils for beards is derived from the bergamot citrus fruit. It acts as a perfume additive, yet studies like this one notes the bergamot’s ability to stimulate hair growth and protect the skin and scalp from inflammation and bacterial infection. This is critical because an improperly treated beard can become a haven for germs and bacteria.  

Clove Oil 

Extracted from fragrant flowers known as cloves, this oil soothes the skin underneath your beard, especially if it’s itchy and irritated. Products with clove oil can also replenish and moisturize the skin, leading to healthy growth. 

Hempseed Oil 

Not to be confused with CBD oil, hemp or hemp seed oil has been used for hundreds of years for nutritional and food purposes. Yet, the omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seed oil increases blood circulation in the skin and nourishes hair follicles, leading to growth. 

Nettle Oil

Add this to the class of essential oils for beards that provide numerous benefits. Nettle, derived from the stinging nettle plant, has been used as a herbal remedy and food source for generations. But it also has the ability to revitalize the hair and skin on multiple fronts. When applied to the beard or scalp, nettle oil endows the beard and hair with a natural shine and softness, but it also has the ability to restore hair loss, according to Frederick Benjamin Grooming, a leading men’s hair care brand.


When used in excess, any hair and skin ingredients can be harmful to the skin. But products like Frederick Benjamin Grooming’s Beard Creme contain the recommended amounts of these essential oils for beards, which can promote optimal growth and health. 

This article is a content collaboration between Black Men’s Health and Frederick Benjamin Grooming. For more information on Frederick Benjamin Grooming’s all-natural products, visit their site.

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