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Best Tips for Shaving Your Head at Home

Best Tips for Shaving Your Head at Home

Posted by Michael james on

There is a time and place for everything and what we do not need in this age of COVID-19 are brothers trying to hold on to their days of fades, waves and locks. Those are memories that no one can ever take away from you but as Dr. Maya Angelou said (and we loosely quote) “when your hair shows you who it really is believe it.”  Fellas don’t be George Jefferson in a Drake world. So now is the time to let it go, visit your barber  And now might be the right time to ‘come on home’!

So whether you're losing your hair (or just want a low maintenance style), a smooth dome is a sharp look—with the right tools and tips.

Need tips on how to begin your journey into baldness? Here are a few tips on how to make the transition seamlessly and without injury. 

How to Shave Your Head at Home


The time has arrived or the big chop. If you're starting with a bit of hair on top, use a standard pair of clippers or trimmers like the Wahl Pro Peanut to trim down your hair close to the scalp. Or if you feel more comfortable go to a local barber,  inform him of your choice and have him cut your hair to a manageable length.

When you're done, feel your head (or use a handheld mirror) to find any pimples, bumps or moles that you'll want to avoid during your shave. Once you've cleaned off, it's all about the right preparation. 

Start by using a warm towel to soften hair and open pores before shaving. 


Then follow these steps for a silky smooth shave every time.

wet your head with warm water to open up pores and soften hair before you shave your head


Avoid dull blades at all costs! Dull blades pull and tug hair out of the scalp, instead of getting a clean cut across the hairs. That leads to irritation, painful razor burn and bumps.

Instead, make sure you're starting with a fresh, sharp blade to get the most out of your shave. 

Go for a high quality single blade option like Bevel, or a trusty standard like the Gillette Mach 3.

If you're at the gym or on the road disposable  Bic dual blade razors will still do the trick.


use a pre-shave oil to avoid shave irritation and razor bumps

Preparing to shave is just as important as actually shaving. Take that back: it is just as important as shaving. So we recommend washing with a mild soap or shampoo that does not contain any harmful ingredients or irritants. 

Then, once you've patted your head dry, reach for a pre-shave oil to lubricate the scalp.

The point of the pre-shave oil is to ensure a safe and smooth shave and to create a barrier between your skin and the blade. 

A good pre-shave oil should soften and lift the hairs away from your skin, making it easier for your razor to glide across and cut the hairs evenly. 

For Your Consideration: Our Easy Primer pre-shave oil is a natural blend of avocado, grapeseed and olive oils to provide deep moisture and extra protection pre-shave.


Traditional foaming creams make it harder for you to see what you're shaving—meaning more strokes, more irritation and a less comfortable shave. But what if you had another alternative, one that was not as challenging and insightly.

Opt for a shave gel instead so you can have clear sight lines and never miss a spot, especially with the different contours across your head and problem areas like behind the ears. 

And the shave gel will further help soften your hairs, improve razor glide, and protect your skin against irritation.

For Your Consideration: Our Hydro-Glaze clear shave gel is infused with aloe and witch hazel to soothe and moisturize for a precise and comfortable shave. 

clear foam-free shave gel to prevent razor bumps


We've seen it all when it comes to shaving. Some guys opt for short, quick strokes—whether they're used to rushing in the mornings to work and just want to spend the least amount of time with a blade to the skin. We get it. No bueno.


But slow and steady wins the race in this case (especially if it's your first time going for a clean shave at home).


how to shave your head shave with the contours of your head with long slow strokes

So we always recommend light, smooth strokes using even pressure. Start in a pattern that feels comfortable and natural for you. Then you can try changing angles or going against the grain if you need a second pass. Shave until you have reached the desired smoothness. 

Be sure to work carefully at your temples and the areas around your ears (make sure to fold them down) to avoid any nicks or cuts. Take your time. This is not a race. Think of it more as a marathon and remember the marathon continues.


rinse your blade often to keep it sharp while shaving

After each and every grooming session TOOLS need to be clean thoroughly. This is not up for debate. To prevent infection and a  host of other issues immediately turn the faucet on and run the blades gently under water every few strokes to remove the build up from the shaving gel and hair.

Shake the excess water off each time before you continue so you can keep the blade fresh and achieve even strokes. Allow the device to either air dry or carefully pat until clear of all signs of water or product. 


Need a second look? Use your handheld mirror to examine where you’ve shaved, especially if you were using your non-dominant hand for some areas. 

Before re-shaving any part of your head, reapply the gel to help further prevent any irritation. Once you’re satisfied, rinse your head with cold water to cool the skin and close your pores to prevent future irritation (s). 


This last tip is a crucial step and one that too many guys are guilty of missing: hydration. Ditch the sting of harsh alcohol-based aftershaves and upgrade to a post-shave lotion. 

Our Bump Clear post-shave lotion and razor bump treatment pulls double duty. Use it as a daily moisturizer and especially post shave to reduce inflammation and prevent in-grown hairs and razor bumps. It’s clinically proven to get results in as little as 14 days with twice daily use. 

Never apply a product that contains alcohol as it tends to dry the skin, doing further damage to areas that have recently been shaved. The goal is to replenish moisture and soothe the skin, especially in some of the most sensitive areas. 

So make it a part of your morning and evening routines. Make it a lifestyle. Make it a requirement! 

Bump Clear Shaving Head

Want to try it out first? Get your free sample of our Bump Clear post-shave lotion and razor bump treatment. 

Shaving Your Head At Home


See the Frederick Benjamin Shaving Regimen in action!


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