But Are You Zoom Ready Though…?

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Zoom calls aren’t just a link in your outlook calendar—they are the new normal. And, while we’re happy about being able to roll out of bed and to our "desk," we don’t want to look like we just did. Joining every Zoom call with your camera off isn’t a good look.

Your co-workers need to see you and don’t let some hair issues (facial or otherwise) stop you from putting your best face forward. 

No matter where you are in your hair journey, here’s some tips on how looked pulled together virtually. 


3 Smooth Head Shave For Black Men

You’ve made the decision to let the hairline issues go and lean fully into that bald life. Congrats. Bald life requires a commitment to shaving at least every other day to keep your baldie intact. Now is the perfect time to start with our Shaving Regimen which will make sure your baldie is fresh, shiny and razor-bump free. Shop Now.

The Shave Regimen For Senisitive Skin

Bring on 360  Waves 

1 Best Product for 360 Waves Wash Day

Rocking a hat or durag isn’t the wave on a work call.  It’s important to make sure your hair is as presentable as you when you’re sharing your screen. If waves are your goal, we recommend copping the Wave Starter Kit. The moisturizer will prevent your hair from being dry and the pomade helps the waves come in strong. PS: Make sure you use the brush in between meetings—just don’t do it on camera. Shop Now. 

The 360 Wave Kit Soft

Between Barbers

1 Taper Fade With Twist Curls

Growing your hair out is a common situation for a lot of guys in these days of quarantine. While men may not have protective styles, we do have a routine we can do to promote growth and keep our hair looking great. Before you turn on that screen, reach out for the Twist & Curls Kit which features products to help keep your curls soft and moisturized. Bonus: Make sure to use the Twist Sponge before your call. Shop Now.

Zoom Ready

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