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How to Find The Best Beard Products

Posted by Chris Lawrence on

Packaged as a sign of manhood both on television (and in my house), the art of learning how to shave was always the one promoted. Growing a beard was always the road less traveled. On television, beards were often used as a sign that time had passed by or that the character was somehow unkempt. 

2 beard wash for dry coarse beard grande

Subsequently, I was never taught how to grow and take care of my beard. My dad is a still proud member of the clean shaven crew. Not even so much as a five o’clock shadow. My journey to the beard life was one of trial, error and research. I’m happy to say now that I’ve been a proud carrying member of the non-struggle beard club for over 10 years now.

Someone once said that a beard on a man is the visual equivalent of women who contour their faces. While that statement may be up for debate, it is true that the same care paid to makeup must be paid to your beard. True, there may be variables out of control (hair type, speed of hair growth and genetics to name a couple), but the key to getting your best beard is patience, process and product respectively.

So Fresh & So...Clean

Much like your house, your car and well anything, a great-looking beard starts with a clean one. While regular shampoo may seem like an okay choice, it’s best to use a product that’s *especially* made for beards. 

bnr-2 grande 2

Opt for this Beard Wash—which is actually a conditioning cleanser—that relieves dryness, itching and irritation after its first use. It also promotes hair growth while keeping your skin looking healthy underneath (you know, in case you ever want to return to the clean shaven life). 

Oil is Royal

Best Beard Products 1

Whether you are in the beginning stages of growing your beard and in thick of things, choosing an oil like this Easy Primer Skin & Beard Oil is the right choice.This will not only help to keep it softer (a must for facial hair) but keep it moisturized underneath to help sooth skin and fight itchiness. 

In Good Condition 

Much like anything else, the finishing touches may be the last thing you do, but they are just important—if not more so than all the steps beforehand. 

Best Beard Products 3

Get your beard right with this Beard Creme that softens, moisturizes and refreshes all beards. Bonus: It’s super lightweight so it won’t keep your facial hair feeling weighed down at all. 

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