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Beating Summer Sweat with Frederick Benjamin Grooming


Who hasn't heard the following stereotype: when it comes to hair, men don’t know how to take proper care of it and stick to the basics? It’s 2018, a new generation, and it's time to throw the whole stereotype away by proving to the ladies you’re all about self-maintenance like them. Along with using safe and healthy hair care products like Frederick Benjamin Grooming, knowing the proper times to use these products is equally important. Yes, wash days are standard, but throwing in extra haircare during the hot summer and after perspiration-filled activities are also very important. Here’s a quick assist we’ll throw your way to protect your hair throughout the summer and sweat-filled days.

No doubt, this summer has been brutal with the humidity. Women can wear less clothing, going out in our favorite sundresses and short shorts so their bodies can ventilate. This isn’t the case for us. We’re still wearing closed-toe kicks and jeans looking fresh, but hot as hell. Summer heat will bring sweat, but isn’t the only occurrence for sweat. Hitting the gym every day can bring perspiration more seriously than a season. Whatever the cause for sweat, sweat isn’t good for your hair. Sweat contains salt among other properties, which dry out your hair and prevent growth. If you notice large clumping, shedding, or your hair not in the condition it once was, chances are the constant sweat is affecting your hair.

If you want to take proper care of your hair and prevent sweat from hurting its health, follow these tips with your Frederick Benjamin Grooming products. Never skip a wash day after your body has been severely sweating. No matter how late your running or lazy you are, your hair needs to be washed after a mass production of sweat. Our Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo will effectively clean the sweat from your hair while nourishing and rejuvenating.

It’s also very important to increase your conditioning treatments if you are severely sweating because of heat or workouts. It is recommended to condition with the Hydrating Men’s Conditioner 2x’s a week, but increase those treatments as the heat and sweat increases.

Twist 2

Finally, be sure to use some products while your hair is clean and not full of sweat. This goes for our Hair Twist Sponge Brush. If using on dirty hair, not only will your twist be half as great as they were when your hair was clean, but you're transferring sweat onto the sponge brush. Nah, fam, that’s disgusting. Spend less time sweatin’ on your hair and more into your summertime bae.

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