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There’s more to menswear than just knowing the decorum of dress

There’s more to menswear than just knowing the decorum of dress

Posted by Michael James on

There’s more to menswear than just knowing the decorum of dress. It is a lifestyle that not only follows you into the boardroom, but within the walls of your home as well. Although much has been talked about on the clothing side of menswear on DAILY SIMPLICITIES, not much has been discussed about the grooming aspect. As we all know, the devil is in the details and as gentlemen married to the lifestyle of menswear; these details not only extend to our clothing, but our personal hygiene as well. 

      For today's segment we are proud to be connecting and working with a brand that cares just as much about the details as we do. So, we would like to introduce to you, Frederick Benjamin, a men's grooming product line that combines natural ingredients and targeted regimens to help men not only look, but feel their best. 

      They have an amazing array of products from shampoo and conditioner, all the way down to your beard hydrator and hair styling cream. However, today we will be focusing on two products that really spoke to some main points that we as men encounter when grooming ourselves on a daily basis. 

The first product is the "sleek water pomade". For many black men, finding the proper pomade can be tricky. You want something that promotes a natural and healthy shine and of course allows your waves to pop. The drawback is that most pomades are extremely heavy and entirely too greasy because of the ingredients. This usually leads to the pores of your scalp being overly clogged, and even worse you breaking out from the product itself. Yet, what was so exciting about the Frederick Benjamin product is that it was water-based. Which meant no petrolatum, mineral oil, or any of the other ingredients found in other pomades which causes that greasy and heavy feel on your scalp. This left us with a light, easy-rinse pomade that not only gave us a clean citrus scent, but an all day hold and shine with waves that would even make the Atlantic jealous. Okay maybe not that wavy, but you get the point. 

The second product we're reviewing is the Bump Clear. An after- shave product from Frederick Benjamin designed to eliminate, and prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor rash. Being in the menswear industry, or any other image conscious field, shaving is a must and we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we told you that we get our hair cut and beard trimmed at least once a week. However, nothing is worse than having to deal with a potential ingrown hair or razor rash after doing so. Right off the bat, one thing we absolutely loved is that the Bump Clear product, unlike many similar products came in a lotion form as opposed to alcohol. Anyone who has tried a post- shave product can attest to the fact that such products with alcohol in them not only dry out the skin, but hurt extremely bad during/after application. Yet with the bump clear post- shave, it was simple, smooth, and soothing enough on our skin for daily use and to prevent breakouts between shaves. Even better, it kept our neck smooth and bump-free so that we didn’t have to worry about our shirt collar irritating and rubbing against our neck throughout the day.

      All in all we would definitely recommend Frederick Benjamin grooming products for any man who is looking to not only enhance his grooming routine, but look, feel, and see himself differently after doing so. Check them out. You wont be disappointed!

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