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Fall Style Guide 2016: 5 Best Colognes for Men

Posted by Michael James on

Labor Day usually marks the official transition into fall. And with that said, we have a lot to think about as we look to feel and be our best in the coming season. So we've decided to help you guys out with some of our fall style favorites. Now you know that style is from head to toe so we wanted to make sure that you covered all bases this fall. That's why we're dropping knowledge on the latest fall trends all throughout September. Follow along with our Fall Style Guide for 2016 every Friday this month. 

Today, we'll start with the must-have scents of the season. When it comes to leaving an impression, folks remember what they smell (trust us, it's science). So we wanted to bring you some of the best options from some of the best brands on the market. We included some range as far as the scent profiles are concerned. As always, you should go into your local perfumer and test it since different body chemistry has different results. But here are our top picks to smell your best this fall. 

fall 2016 style guide best colognes for men creed aventus

Creed has been around for quite a while, and by a while we mean over 200 years. In that time, their dedicated craftsman have poured time, energy and elegance into every bottle. Aventus is a popular scent every year (it's their best seller--ever), with top notes of bergamot and pineapple and base notes of musk and vanilla. Well balanced and a perfect transitional scent as the weather gets a little cooler and you can start to bring more layers into your wardrobe. 


5 Best Colognes for Men

Dior Sauvage described by it's creator as "A strong and unmistakable masculinity." Bergamot and amber, with a bit of citrus really define this scent and give it an almost woodsy feel. You'll definitely have to give it a try and make your verdict from there but we're confident this would be a solid choice.




5 Best Colognes for MenTom Ford has definitely made a name for himself since his time at Gucci. And now with a line of signature scents, we think Tobacco Vanille is a perfect addition to your fall cologne rotation. A bit of cocoa, dried fruit, and vanilla blended expertly for an effortless option to spray for a night out. Keep this on your radar.

5 Best Colognes for MenWith cedar at the base and florals up top, Prada L'Homme provides a light, balanced scent that can take you through the work day or a night on the town. Plus, look at this bottle! Easy to imagine on the nightstand next to your favorite watch. 

5 Best Colognes for MenLast but not least, Maison Margiela comes in with Replica Jazz Club, with a base on musk, vanilla and tobacco leaves. Add in some leather couches and a horn section and you have yourself a Harlem night in the eighties. Perfect for the suit and unbuttoned shirt look. You can thank us later!


Tune in next week for our next Fall Style Guide segment. 

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