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Fourth of July Weekend Playlist

Posted by Israel Daramola on

Fourth of July Weekend Playlist


Fourth of July weekend is the peak summer holiday. Grilling food, fireworks, usually good weather and the need to overcompensate by being especially decorative and patriotic in our clothing. For all the issues in this country, and the fact that not everyone living in America got to enjoy freedom on the fourth, Independence Day brings out the best in all of us--uniting people for one day under the shared love of not having to go to our jobs.

My favorite thing about the Fourth of July are the cookouts. Eating barbecue--the most glorious of American past times--is the best way to spend any summer day; throw in some beers and ice creams and you've got yourself the perfect holiday, and with the perfect holiday comes the need for the perfect holiday soundtrack.

My key for a great Independence Day playlist is to gather a collection of songs that would work in the car, at a party or in the backyard while you grill with close friends. Songs that are good for 2-stepping, bopping, dutty wining, grinding or just plain turning up provide the perfect backdrop for whatever activities you get into this weekend. Speaking of which, I hope you find a good roof to watch the fireworks show of your city, or set some off yourself if you find a good pack to buy off the side of the road and enjoy listening to this playlist while watching the majesty of things blowing up in the sky.

The 30 songs hand selected capture a strong, eclectic mix of different styles, genres and eras to diversify your party and have something for anybody you may hang with over the weekend to enjoy. From the Lumidee classic “I'll never leave” to the irresistible thump and groove of Young Thug, from the sexy riddim of Popcaan to the throwback classic by Frankie Beverly and Maze to our new national anthem “March Madness” by Future; this mix has all the right beats and style to make your fourth an even hotter affair than the weather could predict.

Fourth of July Weekend Playlist

Just plug in the AUX cord and press play! Check out the playlist here:

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