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Reaching Hair Goals the Frederick Benjamin Way

Posted by Necole Jackson on

As the old saying goes, “Completing a task consistently for 30 days becomes a routine.” Most of you already started looking for revenge with your Summer ’16 body reaching its goal, but still looking to improve your hair. Maybe you’re looking to add length, improve the natural state or solve dry scalp and hair problems. We’re midway through the year and you’re not even close to your goal and questioning where you went wrong. 

Creating a daily routine will improve your efforts with reaching hair goals, building desired strength, all while learning more about what your hair appreciates. Try starting a new month with planning trim days, wash days, deep conditioning days ending with a hair check day 30 days after the start. You will find keeping to the routine improved your hair state, helped reached your hair goals faster than you thought and know exactly what products work for your hair to improve conditions.

If you are looking to use quality products, Frederick Benjamin hair products offer three regimens that can improve any state to reach a goal. “The Line”  is our complete hair care system and offers a 4-step solution to treat a dry, itchy scalp and also adds moisture and hydration to soften coarse, curly hair. This regimen includes the Shampoo, Invigorating Cleanser, the Conditioner Invigorating Moisturizer, a Daily Hydrator Styling Crème and the Sleek Water Pomade. 

Our second option is “The Regimen”, which is another dry-scalp remedy to consider for a hair routine. This includes the Shampoo, Conditioner and Daily Hydrator Styling Crème. 

Our last Regimen is called “The Regimen II” combines hair care and styling in one. This offers a 3-step solution, which solves conditions like the others, but includes the Shampoo, Invigorating Cleanser, the Conditioner Invigorating Moisturizer and the Sleek Pomade. Each one of Frederick Benjamin’s hair products can be key to reaching your goals by including your routine.

So, to wrap this up: 

1. Create a Routine

2. Add Frederick Benjamin products

3. Enjoy!

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