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How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair?

How Often Should I Shampoo My Hair?

Shampooing everyday is no longer the standard in the hair community. Across the country, barbers and stylists have gradually embraced the anti-shampoo movement, opting to not shampoo as often, instead using water and friction or even using conditioner (often called co-washing).

The primary reason for this shift is that sulfates (the things that cause all the suds in your shampoo) are also responsible for drying the hair and scalp. Sulfates strip away natural oils that protect the hair and scalp and seal in moisture.

That means hair becomes more coarse, more brittle, and less easy to manage and style. If you wonder why you're having to spend so much time figuring out your hair every morning, you might be shampooing to much.

Your hair type has a lot to do with what products you should be using and how often. But for most textured hair, issues like this are unfortunately very common.

So what's the solution?

At Frederick Benjamin, we didn't only want to create the most effective hair care products but also to make sure that they were healthy. That's why we've removed sulfates from our formulas, replacing them with natural ingredients like spearmint oil and grapefruit seed extract that have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

That means you get the same deep clean without the damage to your hair. We've also reinforced our formulas with nettle and clove to encourage hair growth and stimulate a healthy scalp. Because a healthy scalp produces healthy, soft and easy to manage hair. 

Is there a recommendation for how frequent to shampoo?

Cleaning your hair regularly is a good thing. The key is to allow your hair to recover naturally. Hair that usually hair a greasy feel is a result of the scalp producing excess sebum to combat dryness. Excess sebum results in oily, shiny buildup and even acne at the scalp level. That's why we recommend shampooing your hair no more than three times per week--and to always use conditioner after each shampoo session to replenish moisture. 

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Want a healthy alternative to treat dry hair and itchy scalp? Get Frederick Benjamin's Invigorating Cleanser and Moisturizing conditioner today!