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How Should You Approach Summer Hair Care?

How Should You Approach Summer Hair Care?

Posted by Michael James on

Can you believe that summer is starting to end? Yeah, us either! And though the low Caesar still reigns supreme, more and more guys are looking for options with longer styles. Of course, that has been the go-to hairstyle for many men in recent years, and this season is no different.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the look — one thing we can all agree on is that dry hair is an absolute no-no. Keeping your hair healthy even in the heat of summer means it needs to stay hydrated. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to moisturize your hair all summer.

Wash Less

You read that right. Some shampoos help retain moisture, but part of the cleaning process is stripping the hair and scalp of oils and build-up that can clog your pores. So instead of washing with shampoo every day, limit shampoo use to 3 times a week. That way, you allow your hair to recover some of its natural oils and keep it feeling fresh.

For many working men, time is precious — and getting out of the door in ten minutes (or less) is a priority. But that doesn’t always work if you want to take your grooming seriously. And it starts from the top; having healthy hair makes it easier to style, and dry hair is the enemy of your tight schedule.

Condition More

To avoid dry hair, make sure that you are replenishing moisture to your hair. Make sure you use a hair conditioner the right way. After shampooing with warm water, coat the hair and scalp with a conditioner. Let it sit for at least two full minutes, then rinse with cool water to lock in the moisture.

When you get out of the shower, allow the hair to air dry slightly before applying any products or use a T-shirt (or microfiber towel) to dry the hair. Why? It’s gentler on textured hair.

During the summer, you might find yourself needing to wash your hair more often. The shampoo is the step to clean your hair. However, it can also strip the natural oils from your hair if overused.

This is where washing with conditioner comes in, or what some would call “co-washing”, which helps you retain moisture between the times you’re not using shampoo while cleaning your hair at the same time.

Moisturize Often

Here’s a fact: Summer heat leads to air conditioning. It may feel great to cool down, but the changing elements throw your hair and skin’s moisture levels out of whack —just like going from the cold into a heated room in the winter.

Thankfully, you can combat dryness by being proactive, and using a leave-in moisturizer is your best bet. It will maintain moisture in natural hair throughout the day and keep anything from deep waves, loose curls to locks looking fresh this summer.

Want to keep dry scalp and hair at bay? Try our Regimen for just $34!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water should be done all year, but in the summer months, it’s a must if you want to get the best out of your hair. If you already drink water daily, you’re already in a good position to protect your hair from the heat.

If you don’t drink water daily, start now, and within the next two weeks, you should begin to see a difference. For additional moisture, it’s recommended to use a cream or oil during the summer months.

Growing Your Wave

If you’re are looking to get wavier hair, wolfing is not necessary to gain progress. Instead, keeping a low cut when starting will help keep your hair manageable even when you sweat. A low cut is also ideal for building your foundation; your go-to brushes should be medium and soft when keeping a low cut.

Why You Should Start Grooming

We all know the benefits of a new outfit or a good sweat at the gym. Endorphins are going and the sidewalk becomes your runway. And what does that translate to?

Well, you probably feel like you can take over the world! That’s the difference that confidence makes, and it’s one of the key factors that separates underachievers from the risk-takers and game-changers.

Confidence makes you memorable. And whether you’re in the boardroom or on the ball field, having confidence takes your performance to the next level. But what does grooming have to do with it?

Positive Attention

From direct compliments to knowing smiles, being well-groomed makes you a point of attention. People notice a well-groomed guy. And that undoubtedly makes you feel good. At Frederick Benjamin, we believe that when you look good, you feel good and perform better.

The confident guy makes more consistent eye contact, has a firmer handshake, makes bold decisions, and can walk up and interact with anyone.

Builds Discipline

Grooming is all about maintenance, doing the little things consistently over time that bring results. When you see results, you’re motivated to continue the routine. And nothing makes a guy more confident than being able to control an outcome. When you know that what you do in one area brings positive results, it carries over to other areas of your life.

The discipline you build when you create a routine also gives you more time to do other things. For example, when you know how long your grooming routine takes, you can squeeze in an extra set at the gym or read a chapter of a book that’s been on your to-do list for the last three months. Personal care is an investment in your personal development. And personal development is the key to success.

Improves Your Health

We’re big believers that health starts from the inside out. And whatever you do on the outside can always be maximized by changes in things like your diet. Products can make your hair more manageable and skin smoother, but it wouldn’t hurt to add in a few more glasses of water, an extra salad, and one less carb. Then, when you start to look and feel better, you will be motivated to maintain that.

No More Bad Hair Days

A good grooming regimen starts the conversation about a well-groomed life. Your body is an engine; you get out what you put in. That’s why we use natural ingredients in all of our products. And that’s why we want to make grooming simple--no-nonsense, no fuss, no 20 step rituals

There are many things you can do to help protect your hair in the summer months. Following the tips above will give you a good head start in the right direction. Check out our quick how-to videos and find your regimen from Frederick Benjamin. If you have any questions or want to show us your progress, feel free to hit us up on Instagram. Until next time, stay cool and keep those brushes moving.

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