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5 Easy Ways to Care for Dry Hair

Posted by Chris Lawrence on

Winter will soon be here. People often think only about their skin getting ashy and dry during these months. However, your hair is just as likely to suffer from upcoming inclement weather.

And while it’s important to stay warm this season, let’s also make sure we’re taking care of our hair as well. Below you’ll find the top 5 ways to care for dry hair.

Wash Frequently (But Not Daily)

It may be tempting to pull out shampoo every time you shower, but it’s not the best idea for your hair. Why? Simple answer.  While shampoo is great for cleaning, washing every day can strip your hair of it’s needed. natural oils.

We recommend using our Invigorating Cleanser every other day for a month. You’ll be surprised in the noticeable difference in your hair in a few weeks!

Keep It Moisturized

While daily shampoo-ing is off the table, moisturizing is not. We’ve already mentioned the importance of taking extra care of your hair in the winter.  It’s important to use the following two products on a daily basis.

The Invigorating Moisturizer  stimulates blood flow (which promotes hair growth) as well as invigorates the scalp. Follow up with the Daily Hydrator Styling Creme that works like a leave-in conditioner. 

Wear Your Hat

Protect your hair from the elements by wearing a hat. Save the fitted for the summer time and opt for a breathable wool beanie instead. Not will it feel good but covers your hair better and won’t cause you to sweat. 

Style Without The Gunk

Avoid products that have alcohols listed in the ingredients list. Alcohols are used to speed up the drying process of the styling product so that you can get out of the door quicker— and have style that lasts all day. But, they also contribute to consistency dry hair and scalp. Opt for natural alternatives, like featured in our products, instead. 

Our Sleek Water™ pomade was created to add natural shine and medium hold, without the drying effects of other styling products. Natural grapefruit seed oil keeps hair moist and the water based formula makes it easy to rinse away, so you won't feel tempted to have to do a deep clean every day. 

Check Your Toolkit

If you're a waver, grab a boar-bristle or nylon brush with a tight bristle pattern. This helps distribute oils evenly throughout the hair as you style to keep you looking your best-- and help your scalp and hair feel their best.

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