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What Makes Sleek Water Pomade The Truth

What Makes Sleek Water Pomade The Truth

Posted by Tyrus Townsend on

Newsflash: all pomades are not created equal. Throughout the history of men’s grooming we have been confronted with some very usual suspects; we will not call you out by names but you know who you are. 

Usually, when you hear the word “pomade” you think of the hella greasy, thick junk you put on your hair to get waves because someone said it would work. But guess what? We respect and honor those products because, whether we want to acknowledge them or not, they crawled so that we can run with style and confidence. 

Sleek Water Pomade

Let us introduce to your hair’s new best friend: Frederick Benjamin’s Sleek Water Pomade. Considered the anti-greasy cousin twice removed on your mother’s side of the family, this product is what dreams are made of — at least in the grooming sense. 

Made with your scalp in mind, this miracle in a jar is water-based and enriched with all natural ingredients to help stimulate hair growth, awaken your senses, keep your hair super moisturized and, most importantly, healthy. 

A blend of lightweight oils (like hemp, castor and Argan) provide the moisture that your hair craves. Plus, a light citrus fragrance makes your grooming session worth the hassle. 

    The Natural Wave Pomade


    To achieve the best results from using Frederick Benjamin’s Sleek Water Pomade, follow the steps below: 

    1. Spread a nickel size amount of product evenly into palms. 
    2. Work into damp to dry hair.  
    3. Style as usual. Remember, the dryer the hair, the stronger the hold from the product.

    Whether you're trying to achieve a head of deep waves or mimic El Debarge’s signature curls; this pomade is the way, the truth and the light. 

    Click HERE to see more products that complement the Sleek Water Pomade and your overall grooming arsenal. #FrederickBenjaminSleek #DemandMore  

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