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No Shave November is here! It's the time to not only grow your beards strong and long, but to also stay aware of men's health issues. This means men are searching, trying, and co-signing new ways to take care of themselves and, of course, their beards. You won't believe some of the latest beard ideas and trends out there!beards.

The latest beard trend we knew about involved men straightening the hairs on their chin. Now it seems there's a brand new way to keep your beard fresh. 
Use the beard shower cap!

Yes, you read that right. There's a shower cap specifically for your beard. Men have been taking their beard care extremely seriously, but this new finding has taken beard hygiene to new heights. 

At first glance we weren't sure if the man pictured above altered a shower cap that you use for your hair. We're still not completely sure. But apparently beard caps do exist. Like the hair on your head, your beard requires a little TLC as well. It's important to care for your beard with the 360 approach. While we settle into this trend we'd like to also remind you that although a beard cap can help, it's not the first line of defense. We suggest you use naturally-derived products to condition and keep your beard neat and tidy.

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You can start with our shaving regimen in between cuts.

Also, lets remember that Movember is also about mens health. Stay active and stay aware.

(Model: Lee Barney | Photo: Alex D Rodgers) 

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