Dress Like A Black Panther Character

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Imagine living in a world where everyone is a sartorialist and being dapper was a requirement and is ruled  by one of the coolest superhero in Marvel. Well gentlemen welcome to Wakanda, an Afro-Futurist utopia with the best street street sensibility and #hairbeardgoals ever! 

A region rich in natural resources and skilled artisans like tailors and jewelry makers, the fictional nation was imagined as a brilliant and stylish land thanks to Oscar-nominated costumer designer Ruth E. Carter whose iconic work has appeared in over 40 films including Malcolm X, Amistad and Sparkle. Carter had to researched and find the proper depiction of African royalty through culture customs, tribal jewelery, technology and art. So familiarity with how black people are portrayed on the big screen was a piece of cake and this project provides a much needed platform for designers of color, especially men, and how they look to the Diaspora for needed inspiration. 

Since it is New York Fashion Week, we decided to look at our favorite culturally woke designers, including a creative who infused renaissance and colonialism and an O.G. Saville Row bespoker, making waves and inspiring us to dress like T'Challa, Erik Killmonger, M'Baku and even the Elder in the Emerald Suit.  Enjoy the gallery and be inspired!


DYNE (as imagined on Erik Killmonger)

Black Panther 1


IKIRE JONES (as imagined on T'Challa)

Ikire JOnes


OZWALD BOATENG (as imagined on The Elder in The Emerald Suit)


PYER MOSS (as imagined on W'Kabi)

Pyer Moss

WILLY CHAVARRIA (as imagined on M'Baku)

willy chavarria



Remember this moment because THIS will cement these characters of   Wakanda and Carter as part of fashion's lexicon. 

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