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The Journal: NYFW Tag

The Journal: NYFW Tag

Posted by Tyrus Townsend on

The runway, as most of you know, is about theatrics! The lights, the clothes, the shoes and accessories all play apart in creating a successful and entertaining show. What we fail to realize is the look, more specifically grooming, plays a major role in the overall mood and aesthetics of the production. We usually depend on the women shows for that pop of "wow" to get the crowd whistling, wagging fingers, clapping wildly and on their feet. But its a bit different with American men's shows--we are more reserved and fear the overworked grooming will somehow deter us from the ever attending a fashion show again. That was dispelled with the display of men's hair styles on the SS18 runway at NYFW 2017..

Imagine this: being the lead hair director for a major designer's show and trying to figure out the hair direction. Ensuring the looks align with the collection, you oftentimes find yourself caught between a Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Odell Beckham, Jr and Sterling K. Brown world and deciding could be a matter of life and death. Not a glamorous job but someone has to do it.

But this season we witnessed the return of the mack daddy (not Mark Morrison) of all styles. Think of a Sean Jean FW 2002 runway show. Or a current NBA roster. Or a pop boy band. A mix of old, new and bizarre styles from flowing Samson locks to utilitarian to Shabba Ranks/Maxi Priest-inspired manes. A plethora of looks for an ever changing American men's fashion scene. Click below to read about the good, the great and the sometimes braided of S18 that can easily translate from runway to the sideway. 

Buzz Cuts Galore

Calvin Klein

via Vogue

Go short, go low, go bold! Nothing beats a classic buzz cut (or The Biz) and this season we saw many designers embrace this easy and low maintenance style. Perhaps taking a cue from recently shorned celebrities like Jaden Smith and street style god Nick Wooster Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2018 collection featured a plethora of garments and a few of the models donned nice and neat buzz cuts. Reason? Raf Simons, the brand's new lead would never want something as hair to compete against the highly artistic patterns and cut of the clothing; it would take way for the overall vision of the brand (and the fact that both Klein and Simons are highly regarded for their minimalistic approach to design). 

FB Tip: To maintain and style your cut use our Sleek Water Pomade to ensure that desired sleek finish without a heavy or greasy look. 

Wild, Wild Thoughts

Fenty x Puma

via ELLE

Sky high pompadours, loose curls and and haphazardly slick back tresses dominated most of this year's show. Our favorite looks came from Fenty x Puma Spring/Summer 2018 where the vibe was an athleisure and anti-establishment state-of-mind that is found in most sporting and streetwear brands. Think bed head or straight from soccer practice, ear length hair that can easily be slicked back into a ponytail or tucked behind the ears . 

FB Tip: To maintain or define your natural curl use our Shampoo, Conditioner and Daily Hydrator Styling Creme.

Braided Glory


via WWD

Natural hair was definitely 'In Vogue' thanks in part to a number of African American models stomping the runways. One familiar brand, Coach, who is constantly rebranding itself, showed gentleman how to interning high-end clothing with Wu-Tang Clan meet Black Panther styles of asymmetrical locks, braids back, mini 'from and Atlanta's Donald Glover 

FB Tip: Condition your braids or locks with Daily Hydrator Style Creme to fully moisturize and invigorate without the typical stiffness found in other products. Enjoy a soft-to-the-touch feeling and great for any hair texture. 


One of our favorite hair artists, Greg The Groomer, had the opportunity to participate in the shows and noticed a few trends happening behind the scenes. Although there were a variety of styles he noticed one in particular that consistent and could easily be duplicated for the everyday gentleman.  "For the guys what I did notice was a lot of textured short styles--hair trends for men are definitely leaning more towards a relaxed and less structured feel and not so shiny, which in a lot of ways lends itself to a more clear personal sense of style."

So you see whether your hair is short, mid length or au natural; tapered, #1 or a voluminous mane. Just remember one thing: Frederick Benjamin products are made for every type of hair for every time type of man. Head over to our site and view more looks to help your prepare for a groomtastic Fall!

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