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The Best Twist Hair Products for Black Men

The Best Twist Hair Products for Black Men

Posted by Antonio Wells on

We get this question often... What hair products should I use to twist my hair? There is a myriad of products on the market that make promises to men of color. We personally like to recommend Black-owned twist haircare products because the founders invested massive time, research, and attention into the product's ingredients and how to best care for our hair types. Whether you have 1A hair or anything in between 4C hair, the commonality is a natural curl pattern. Thus, we need products built for our hair texture. We'll dive into some of the best twist hair products for Black men, along with why and how to use them.

Different Types of Twist Hair

Sponge Twist hairstyle for Black men, also known as "Sponge Curls."

For the sake of clarification. Twist hair does have subclassifications. By default, and irregard of sex, most people think of long hair that is being twisted out into a curly pattern. For our sake, and targeting most Black male youth and Black men, twisting the hair with a sponge brush after a haircut is also considered a twist curly style. Some even call the hairstyle "sponge curls." Most barbers complement the look with a razor-sharp lining and tapered fade. Though it may not be as involved as longer twist hairstyles, it gives a neat and rugged look all at the same time.

The sponged twist curl look is achieved by leaving the top of the hair mostly unshaped. It's recommended to apply a moisturizing product before sponging. Why? To add and retain moisture to the hair so that it won't look dried out. This will make the hairstyle look nourished days after the haircut when oftentimes the hair starts to look dry after the barber's finishing spray of oil sheen.

Black Men Haircare Frequent Asked Questions

As a leader in hair care products for Black men, we often get many questions about regimens and recommendations. We love to educate our customers with the best advice for their haircare needs. When you know better, you do better...

How do Black men twist their hair?

Here is a great video showing the following details; first start with shampooing and conditioning. After drying, apply a hydrator product. After a haircut, apply a water-based or an essential oil-based moisturizing product. Then style the hair with a hair twist sponge brush.

How do Black men make their hair curly?

Most Black men have a natural curl pattern. However, this curl pattern can vary from loose curls to tight kinky curls. The best way to achieve healthy and moisturized-looking curly hair is by using products rich in essential oils. Why? Hydration is the key to holding curly hair.

What should Black men use in their hair?

In general, we recommend Black men use water-based or essential oil-based products in their hair. Avoid harsh chemicals in products that dry the hair and scalp, stripping them of natural oils.

Best Twist Hair Products for Black Men

In our opinion, these recommended Black-owned products are some of the best on the market for men of color. Why? We're not just pulling the Black card. Frederick Benjamin Grooming is a Black-owned company with products specifically created for textured hair.

We've put years of research into our product ingredients. We do not use ingredients like parabens or phthalates, which improve product shelf life, yet studies have shown these products have increased health risks. Nor do we use alcohol and petrolatum, which strip natural oils and can clog hair follicles. We do use all-natural essential oils like spearmint, clove, hemp seed, and nettle to hydrate, restore, and protect your hair, scalp, and skin.

Most men (especially Black men) take haircare for granted. Most of us do not properly educate ourselves on the importance of hair care and grooming until we are older. Weekly (or periodic) trips to the barbershop aren't enough to be considered "haircare grooming." In fact, the barbershop is the last stop on the haircare train. The beginning starts at home with your routine and the products you apply to foster a healthy scalp, growth, and nourishment of your hair. So without further ado, here are the best twist hair products for Black men:

Twist & Curls Kit By Frederick Benjamin Grooming


The Frederick Benjamin Grooming Twists & Curls kit is one of the best twist hair products for Black men. Why? It contains a carefully hand-selected group of products designed to cleanse, condition, moisturize, and style curly hair for men.

The kit consists of:

As mentioned, proper hair care starts with the scalp first. Hence the reason why we include our invigorating shampoo and conditioner. Think of your scalp like a forest. For healthy growth, you must clear the debris to allow for hair growth. Our gentle shampoo cleanser does not strip natural oils from the hair and scalp. In fact, it uses essential oils such as spearmint and nettle oils for revitalizing the scalp and promoting hair growth. Our conditioner locks in moisture and stimulates blood flow in the scalp while hydrating the hair follicles.

Also included in the kit is a water-based pomade for lightweight styling. It acts like a gel without the messiness of it. For those who need a hair care product that can hold a curl pattern longer, we've included a styling cream that can be used daily to moisturize the hair in between cleaning. It's a cream and not a petroleum-based grease (which is known for clogging the pores). The styling cream provides a good hold without leaving a flaky residue. Lastly, we've included a hair twist sponge brush for styling the hair into the desired sponge curl look.

Purchasing each product at your local Target store will cost $62. However, by purchasing as a kit, you'll save $12 buying online.

If you're looking for a great set of hair products to twist your hair, we highly recommend the Twist & Curls Kit. The kit comes with a variety of products that are specifically designed for Black men with curly or kinky hair, and it's been formulated with natural ingredients that help to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. So what are you waiting for? Grab the Twist & Curls Kit today!

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