Top 5 Men's Grooming Tips for Spring

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Finally, warmer weather is on the way. But that means you have to adjust your grooming routine as temps change. So here are our top five groming tips for the spring transition to make sure your skin and hair care on point along the way.

Exfoliate Regularly 

Using a facial scrub gets rid of dead skin cells to rejuvenate your face and help to clear blemishes. Making it a regular part of your grooming routine, between 1-2 times per week, is a great way to keep your skin looking fresh

Say No to Alcohol

Dry skin is a no go, no matter the time of year. That's why you should avoid alcohol-based products, especially in your post shave routine. Remember: a good shave does NOT have to sting. Use the cooling, invigorating sensation of our aloe-based Hydro-Glaze foam-free shave gel and follow up with our Bump Clear post-shave lotion and bump treatment. Add our complete shaving regimen to your grooming routine and get the benefit of clear, bump-free skin, especially since you'll be outside more!

frederick benjamin grooming natural shaving regimen razor bump free skin care

Swap out for Lightweight Products

In the winter, you might've used heavier conditioners, creams, and styling products. But as Spring approaches, you don't want to be weighed down by heavy grease. Opt for more natural, lightweight hair care and styling, especially if you have coarse, curly hair. Check out our best-selling Daily Hydrator and Sleek Water pomade to moisturize your hair and seal your style, without all the gunk and buildup. You can get our Natural Curls Kit here for complete styling. 

Frederick Benjamin Daily Hydrator Sleek Water pomade natural men's grooming products

Block Out The Sun

UV rays beat on your skin overtime. Using SPF everyday protects your skin from damage and keeps your skin looking fresh throughout the season. Opt for an SPF-infused lightweight lotion instead of a thick sunscreen to make it easier to use. 

Try A New Scent

"New season, who dis?" With Spring coming, it's time to try something new. Look for notes of amber, citrus, and hints of spices to upgrade your scent profile. It's an easy way to make an impression without breaking the bank. 

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