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Should Men use Hair Conditioner?

Should Men use Hair Conditioner?

Posted by SmartSites Collaborator on

We get it! You're in the shower, rushing to work, you grab shampoo but that second step of using men's hair conditioner? It just feels like it takes too much time! C'mon, two full minutes? Guys like us can be dressed and fed in that same time.

But if you're not using conditioner, you should be. Actually, you should be using it more than you shampoo.

And here's why:

Dryness, split ends, and static are all the result of a lack of conditioning. Which also leads to itchy scalp and dandruff. And no one wants that!

Hair cells are almost like fish scales, and conditioners not only smooth over the surface of them but they work done to the root to infuse moisture at the source of hair growth and close the hair cuticle.

This locks in the nutrients and keep all the dirt, grime and oil out after cleaning.

(It's almost like splashing your face with cool water after a shave to close your pores.) 

So if you want more manageable, easier to style hair, then you should be using conditioner. And if you're worried about the extra time to your morning routine, you can substitute conditioner for shampoo. 

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself! Right now you can get a free one-ounce sample of our Invigorating Conditioner to add to your routine. It'll change your mornings! Just pay for shipping! 

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Should Men use Hair Conditioner

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