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Where To Buy A Wave Brush

Where To Buy A Wave Brush

Posted by Antonio Wells on

There is always the right equipment and the right way to do anything. The same goes for styling and maintaining your hair. Similarly, when you talk about 360 wave hairstyles, there are specific wave brushes to groom your hair in that particular direction to acquire your desired hairstyle.


A wave brush is essential to getting and maintaining 360 waves.


A wave brush is essential to getting and maintaining 360 waves.

While soft wave brushes are designed for shorter hair lengths, medium and hard brushes are for thicker, kinky, or lengthy hair. You can gradually introduce medium-to-hard brushes as your hair grows because longer lengths can bear greater tension because of the stiffer and denser bristles. As your hair grows longer and becomes harder to manage, you’ll require them to help maintain the wave pattern. The following is essential information to help you choose the correct wave brush for your hair.

How to Use a Wave Brush?

Although there is nothing complicated about brushing your hair while you use a wave brush, there’s a specific technique that you must follow. You should always brush your hair from the crown of your head and extend it away to form a wave pattern. Brushing your hair consistently throughout the day is required to maintain a wave hairstyle. Removing tangles from your hair is also necessary to ensure a well-maintained hairstyle.

When to Use a Hard, Medium, or Soft Wave Brush?

Your brush choice for a wave hairstyle depends on the size and texture of your hair. The reason is that soft brushes are typically best for people who have hair of concise length because stiff or medium-sized brushes can easily irritate and hurt their scalp.

On the other hand, a stiff or medium brush is ideal if you have denser and thicker hair of a slightly longer length, as a soft brush won’t do the job here. You will undoubtedly need a medium or hard brush to tackle and direct your hair in the right direction for your desired look.

As time passes, your hard wave brush will also start seeming medium to you, and a medium brush will feel like a soft wave brush for your hair. This is when you need to change your hairbrush and get a new firm wave brush for the growth and grooming of your hair.

Soft and medium wave brushes offer the best of both worlds for wavers.

Soft and medium wave brushes offer the best of both worlds for wavers.

There are also hybrid wave brushes with medium and soft bristles for maximum versatility. (If you have kinky hair, such as 4A, 4B, or 4C hair, then a medium to hard bristle brush in combination with a soft bristle brush is highly recommended.)

What’s the Difference Between a Hard Brush and a Soft Brush for Waves?

Soft brushes provide a finishing and delicate look to your hair, while hard brushes provide a more rigid and stern combing to your waves. While medium to hard brushes is made of boar bristles, they do feel harsh and firm on the scalp, which is also needed if you have a thicker and denser hair texture.

On the other hand, soft brushes are made with extra soft bristles that quickly help you manage your hair; they never feel hard and harsh on your scalp. They also provide an evenly layered texture to your hairstyle and greatly help spread and equalize any applied product on the hair evenly.

The main difference between hard and soft wave brushes is the material they are made of and the feel they provide to your hair. Using a soft brush is ideal for you if you have shorter or longer silkier hair. However, if you are wolfing your hair, opting for a hard brush will provide you with the needed stimulation and growth of hair.

Should You Use a Hard Brush or Soft Brush for Waves?

Wave brushes are ideal for 360 waves.

Wave brushes are ideal for 360 waves.

As discussed, it is greatly based on the size and texture of your hair, so choosing a soft wave brush for shorter hair will be the best option for you. As hard brushes might help you get the wave shape quicker than other options, they can significantly damage and weaken your hair roots and length.

If you have thicker hair (such as 4A, 4B, or 4C hair) or longer hair, using a hard brush will directly help tame the roots and set up your hair’s shape. A hard brush can directly and quickly get down to your roots and shape them in the way and direction you want.

In the other case, if you want to frizz down the layering of your hairstyle, you can opt for a soft brush to gently lay and style your hair.

What Direction Do I Brush for Waves?

Brushing your hair downwards, starting from the crown of your head, is the best and ideal way to create waves in your hairstyle. As the hair stays on the top line of your head, brush your hair in the downward direction towards your forehead, sides, and back. This will help the wave style form in an equal and right shape- even assuring an equal distribution of oils in your scalp. The right direction and growth also ensure an equal 360 wave hairstyle.

Can a Wave Brush Be Used for Beard Grooming?

Yes, wave brushes can easily be used for beard grooming. These brushes can brush, groom, and even style your beard without damaging or breaking the hair.

Again it depends on the length and texture of your beard regarding which type of wave brush you should go for; a soft, medium, or hard brush. Always consider your beard length and hair growth tendency when choosing the right brush for your beard.


Wave brushes are primarily used to acquire wave hairstyles. However, there are some things that one needs to consider while choosing a wave brush for their ideal hairstyle. Considering the size, texture, and length of your hair, you should decide wisely which wave brush (or brushes) is the best for you and what is the most accurate way of using it. If you are looking for a wave brush, have a look at our inventory!

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