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What to Wear to Your Holiday Office Party

Posted by Maliki Durant on

The ladies aren't the only ones that want to look their best at this year's holiday party. Whether it's a casual gathering after hours or a full formal affair, we want to make sure that you bring your A-game.

“Photos are being snapped left and right, and you never want to have a 'bad angle'." says Michael James, founder of Frederick Benjamin grooming. A little extra effort can go a long way in helping you look and feel your best.”

Get our best styling advice from head to toe so that you make an impression this year, no matter the occasion.


How to dress for the holiday party menswear style tips

Low maintenance is good. Some drinks, some snacks and hopefully some bonus checks are in the mix at a casual holiday party in the office. Elevate what could easily be a button-down and khaki affair with a well-fitting blazer. Pairing it with a seasonal plaid can show off just enough of the holiday spirit to get you through the evening.


How to dress for the holiday party menswear style tips

Formal holiday parties always come with the dilemma of what's "too much". You don't want to go overboard. As simple as it is, a man always looks his best in black and white. You can choose to go all out with a tuxedo if the occasion calls for it (ex: if the dress code is explicit 'black tie'), or if it's directly after work, don a tailored black suit with a crisp white shirt (no tie needed). You'll look like the party was made for you.


How to dress for the holiday party menswear style tips

Of course, it's ugly sweater season and the competition is fierce. But you don't have to come away with first prize (unless it comes with a bonus--then by all means find the ugliest thing possible). Otherwise, you can still look put together at a more festive holiday office party with a sweater over a collared shirt and slacks or under a blazer. It's an easy way to stay in step with the fun of the occasion while still making a good impression.

As always, great style starts up top. Make sure you're taking care of your hair with natural products and using a lightweight, grease-free styling method so that you're hair isn't outshining the lights on the tree.

Have a happy holiday party! And choose Fredrick Benjamin for all your holiday grooming needs!

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