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#WaverWednesday: Hair Waves Questions Answered (Part 2)

#WaverWednesday: Hair Waves Questions Answered (Part 2)

Posted by Maliki Durant on

Last week, we did a Q&A with members of the community. We've received a lot more submissions since then so we decided to keep the Q&A going this week. We understand some questions may not apply to everyone, but if you're still in the beginning to intermediate stages of waving, you'll find key tips to perfect your 360 hair waves.


Q: “For the wavers in college: Do you brush in class and do you think it's weird to?” -T.Chew

 how to get 360 waves user submitted photos and questions styling black men's hair

A: I understand wavers wanting to put as much time as they can into brushing. But on the other hand I understand it’s a part of personal grooming and should be done privately. I wouldn’t recommend brushing in class, but if you’re on campus with time to kill find the nearest restroom to get a quick session in.


Q: I’ve been wolfing for 6 weeks and my crown is starting to show ripples, should I keep the wolf going? –L.Little

how to care for and style coarse curly hair popular men's hairstyles how to get 360 waves frederick benjamin blog post


A: Keep the wolf going for as long as you can personally take care of it. Keep in mind the longer you wolf the more work you’ll have to put in taking care of that much hair. If you have that time to fit in your schedule, by all means keep it going. When you go to get a cut, try not to go lower than a 2 with the grain (WTG) from the looks of your texture.


Q: “How often do you guys comb your hair to get better connections?” –R.Abner

 how to style textured coarse curly hair how to get 360 waves black men's hairstyles tutorial

A: This varies from waver to waver, your texture is the best indicator on how often you should comb. If you’re a waver with very coarse hair you should try to comb at least once a day. If you’re a waver with less coarse hair, combing might not be very useful for you. Once you figure that part out you can work combing into your rotation accordingly.

We really appreciate everyone taking the time out to submit questions in the wave community.

If you’re interested in submitting a question or want to show us your progress, post your image to instagram using the hashtag #WaverWednesday and we’ll add it to the list.

Until next time stay wavy and keep those brushes moving!


Kado is the founder of Elite Spins, a digital community for wavers to share product reviews, methods, and tips. Connect with him personally on Instagram and follow the Elite Spins page.

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