How To Use a Texture Sponge

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So maybe you've been doing the low Caesar for a while now. Or you've been sticking with the waves and taper fade. But as times change, so do the trends. And Since. longer hair has definitely been on the rise, it might be time to do something different. Of course, it's a pretty big commitment and you want to weigh all your options. There's no quick way to grow your hair. You also want to be able to navigate that "ugly phase", you know between nice and clean-cut and full grown but well-groomed. That can be a tough time for a lot of guys. But there's nothing like being happen with the final outcome. So how do you grow your hair but still keep it styled and under control? A texture sponge may be your answer.
How to use a texture sponge twists sponge black men hair style natural

A texture sponge is a simple tool designed to create a more defined twist on shorter length hair. It's perfect if you aren't ready to commit long-term to locs but still want to explore a different look. And the best thing about it is that you can have your local barber or groomer style you or you can just do it at home. So how exactly do you use it? It's actually way less complicated then you may think.

First apply product to moisturize your scalp and hair. Dry hair creates friction which creates frizz-- you don't want that. Then, staying only on the surface of the hair, start a clockwise rotation from the center and out. Repeat until you achieve the desired texture/curl pattern.

The key in all of this is moisture. Just like the one in your kitchen, a texture sponge absorbs moisture so the longer you apply it, the more dry your hair will become. To combat this, make sure you use ample amounts of a conditioning-product based on the final look you want to have. And if you don't want to commit to locs just yet, make sure that you're releasing the style by de-tangling as you shampoo your hair. You don't want to lose your progress by letting your hair loc too early.

As you continue to grow your hair, taking care of your scalp will have a huge payoff. There are some simple things you can do to make that happen. Check out our best tips here.

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