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Maybe you've been there before. It has to be the worst thing that can happen to a guy...or at least in the top five. You get home, flick on the light in the bathroom, face the mirror and realize something is different. You get a little closer and your suspicions are confirmed: your hairline has been pushed back! You know what it means: disowning your barber, waiting for it to grow back in, and picking out what hats to wear. We call that a crisis. Especially when your barber was so close to home and now you have to head back out on the hunt. So what do you do?

Best Barber Tag

You're mad, we get it. We would be too. You've been so close to perfection every week for as long as you can remember, the freshest cut in the office. But now-- shame. The solution: wait. Most guys try to intervene immediately but getting another cut before things grow back leave you with the wrong start point. And your hairline will never be the same. Allowing at least two weeks of growth may not bring everything back, but it will give your new barber enough to trace so that your hair fills in naturally. So don't rush back to the shop in an emergency. Plus, it's baseball season so that Yankee cap is all you need for this rough patch. 

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