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Trouble with in-grown hairs?

Posted by Michael James on

There are few things worse than an in-grown hair. What started off as just a routine shave is now this red, inflamed, painful and annoying area on your face to avoid. For the clean shaven guy (never a five o'clock shadow), they can happen a lot more frequently. So what exactly is an in-grown hair? The name says it all. The strand actually grows back into the skin, usually forming a curl that's leads to the irritation since it can't escape through the same opening it should be growing out of. In other words: yikes! It's trapped, which can start the bump and redness. If untreated, it may even become infected. You DO NOT want that to happen.

So how do you treat an in-grown hair before it gets out of hand?


If you already have some problem areas, exfoliating daily can help relieve some of the irritation. Just find one that works with your skin type so you don't have any issues with dryness or further irritation. You can use this guide to map out what you should be looking for.


If you want to remove them yourself, sterilized a needle to create an opening in the affected area and use tweezers to gently pull the hair out. If you'd rather defer to a professional, make an appointment at the dermatologist. If scars are developing from past in-grown hairs or if an infection may be cropping up, you'll be in the right place. There you'll have a couple of options, including prescription intervention to help your skin recover.


black men shaving ingrown hairs how to treat them

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We get it. Sometimes the morning can be a blur. But rushing through your shaving routine should not be a compromise you make. To avoid in-grown hairs, stick to the three step method shaving method: cleanse, prep, clear. Start with a cleansing facial wash. Follow up with a shave gel or foam to raise the hairs. Then clear each section stroke by stroke, rinsing the razor after every one to ensure a smooth glide. You might lose five minutes but being careful always trumps the consequences. You can also splash with cold water after to close the pores and follow up with a moisturizer to keep the skin smooth.

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