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Best Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week: Men's

Posted by Michael James on

New York Fashion Week men's CFDA street style models black men natural hair

The great part about being in New York City is that you get access to everything that's going on, especially when it comes to fashion. So we headed down to #NYFWM, a series of runway shows, presentations (and a few parties) as designers showcased their collections for Spring/Summer 17 as part of the CFDA's seasonal schedule. What we found was something pleasantly surprising.

Amidst all that is going on in America, we found a bright spot: black models. And not just a few. Virtually every showcase was well-represented. And it makes since. African Americans have long spurred popular trends and been on the forefront of cultural movements, especially in th creative fields. From jazz to hip hop, neo-expressionism and even the latest slang, pop culture hinges on what we say and do, and how we act and feel as a community. But with all of this influence, we'd yet to be fully accepted as commercial. You've heard the stories: white-washed faces on editorials, ads that market one way but still get a majority of our dollars.

So we wanted to celebrate the different faces at Fashion Week, the ones we were so proud to see and of course, the hair worthy of Frederick Benjamin products! New York Fashion Week: Men's was a great platform for exactly that. From locs and fades to curls and full Afros, scroll below to see the recap:

Black men models natural hair New York fashion week

Black men models natural hair New York fashion week

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Black men models hairstyles natural hair New York fashion week

Black men models natural hair New York fashion week

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Black men models natural hair New York fashion week

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Black men models natural hair New York fashion week

Best Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

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