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Dealing with Dandruff: Treat Dry Scalp in 3 Simple Steps

Dealing with Dandruff: Treat Dry Scalp in 3 Simple Steps

Whether you have waves, locs or natural curls, chances are you also have something else: dry hair and scalp. In fact, at least 2 out of every five men suffer from some form of irritation at the scalp level. You need to know what to do and fast to relieve the itch and dandruff flaking that's cramping your style. And we're here to help with treating the root of the issue!

The Issue

Moisture is the name of the game. If you're washing your hair with shampoos full of harsh chemicals and not making an effort to use conditioner, you're probably already in trouble. And this isn't a problem that more grease can fix. The key is to penetrate and moisturize to the root, not just add products that lay on top of the hair. Remember: shiny hair doesn't mean moisturized hair.

Most textured hair tends to be less oily,  which is why using harsh cleansers lead to dryness. The more you wash, without replenishing moisture, the easier it will be for that dryness and itch to lead to flakes.

The Solution

You can approach dry scalp with a step-by-step sequence and we've built that into our Frederick Benjamin Regimen. So what is the regimen?

We started with shampoo, infusing it with natural oils from spearmint, clove, and nettle to replenish moisture as it works to cleanse the hair. That's step one, using the right product free of sulfates, parabens, and alcohols that dry the hair and scalp. Here is the key: wash your hair at most three times a week. That gives your scalp a chance to produce it's own oils to maintain hair moisture throughout. 

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Step two is the conditioner. Most guys don't spend the extra one or two to allow conditioners to set in, opting to just wash their hair and then load up on grease to set their style. But that's missing a key component in the total hair care routine. You should condition every time you wash, and even co-wash (using only conditioner) on the non-shampoo days. The extra 60 seconds are absolutely worth it, especially when you feel the tingling sensation of natural spearmint oil as it cools and re-invigorates the scalp. Just be sure to rinse with cool water to close the pores and seal in moisture. 

Finally, step three. Post-shower moisturizer is important, especially in the colder weather. As your hair goes from chilly temps outside to heat at the office or in the car, the changes in environment usually causes the hair to dry.

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That's why following up with our best selling daily hydrator is essential, adding one more layer of defense to protect your hair from the elements.

With The Regimen in place, you'll start to see a marked improvement in the quality of your hair, making it easier to manage and style, and of course reduce itching and flakes. So kick dry, itchy scalp to the curb and get our 3-step solution for deep moisture.