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5 Ways To Maintain A Healthier Scalp

5 Ways To Maintain A Healthier Scalp

Posted by Janell Hickman on

It might sound dramatic, but your scalp is literally the root of your hair’s success or failure. “Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to the balance of the microbiome of the scalp,” explains cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green. Like your face, your scalp deserves a little bit of TLC — it is skin after all— and if neglected, you’ll pay for it. 

Dry Scalp Moisturizer

The scalp is the means by which the hair follicles get nourishment to maintain healthy looking hair, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Dandruff, buildup of dirt, oil and product residue can accumulate on the scalp, causing scalp issues such as scalp dermatitis, thinning hair or hair loss,” Dr. Green adds. 

The equation is pretty simple, a healthy scalp produces healthy hair. Luckily, we like to see our readers winning, so we compiled a short list of 5 ways to keep your scalp in check. 


The first key to obtaining a healthier scalp is going sulfate-free. In previous articles, we’ve noted how sulfates strip your scalp of many important, natural oils, which provides necessary moisture. Take a look at some of your cleaning products around your house, sulfates can be found in them.

Would you really want to use the same ingredient for cleaning your toilet in your hair too? Yeah, we figured as much. Aim for any natural sulfate-free shampoo to use in your routine. Frederick Benjamin’s Invigorating Shampoo offers many natural ingredients that won’t attack your scalp. This product is free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colorants.


Regular conditioning is the best (and second major key) we want to share with you. Conditioning your hair is super important in maintaining a healthier scalp. Conditioners provide necessary moisture to soothe irritation and enhance natural hair textures after thoroughly cleansing with a  shampoo.

Don't be afraid to take a day and pamper yourself too fellas! When using a conditioner, allow the product to sit in the hair for 30 minutes with a shower cap, after massaging it into the scalp. For extra oomph, try sitting under a hooded dryer (p.s. your girl/mom/sister probably has one!) with your conditioner of choice to help add much-needed nutrients back into your scalp. Frederick Benjamin’s Invigorating Conditioner provides this and more for scalp repair.


Tying into our second point, our next key is incorporating natural oils into your regimen. There are multiple oils you can utilize to provide a healthier scalp, including castor, hemp seed, nettle, clove, coconut, shea, tea tree, olive, etc. Many of these oils have specific beneficial properties for your scalp.

For example, Frederick Benjamin’s Invigorating Conditioner includes a blend of clove, nettle and hemp seed oils. Clove oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp, nettle restores scalp conditions and promotes hair growth, and hemp seed oil replenishes moisture for increased elasticity and shine. 


Maintain Dry Scalp 3

The next tip  is investing your hair by using quality products. Now, I know some of us can be frugal when it comes to hair products. You really don’t care what you use as long as your hair is washed and clean, but you should care. Many products are damaging and cause allergic reactions.

For example, if you notice increasing dandruff immediately after washing and conditioning, you could be allergic to the cheap ingredients. Just because your friend put you onto a product and it worked well for him, doesn’t mean your hair will react the same. Invest your time and money in trying new, healthier products. It may be more than you have previously spent, but your hair will be softer and your scalp healthier.

Try our Hair Regimen, including the shampoo, conditioner and daily hydrator. You will notice immediate improvements to your scalp.


The last key to a healthier scalp is maintaining a healthier diet. Eating fast food and junk cannot only affect your health with your body, but also your hair. Be sure to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals.

Also, make sure you are taking in the necessary nutrients. Zinc promotes strong hair and helps prevent dandruff.  Consider taking daily supplements that incorporate folic acid, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C for inside-out results.

Maintain Dry Scalp 4

Want to reinvigorate and moisturize dry scalp and hair? Shop now!

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