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Top 5 Places for Black Men to Travel in 2017

Top 5 Places for Black Men to Travel in 2017

Posted by Michael James on

At Frederick Benjamin, we're all about investing in experiences. So besides physical fitness, healthy eating and quality grooming, there's nothing better than seeing more of the world. That's why we've compiled some of the best travel destinations for black men to check out in 2017. From sandy shorelines to majestic mountains ranges, see some of our best suggestions below.

best places to travel in 2017 men's lifestyle journal frederick benjamin

A rich riverfront promenade, a beautiful Ferris wheel at night and a stone's throw from the Galapagos, Guayaquil is a cultural marvel. You'll find galleries, gardens, museums, a wildlife sanctuary and monuments among other must-see hotspots on this getaway.

best places to travel 2017 frederick benjamin men's lifestyle journal

Iconic mountain ranges, incredible beaches, and fantastic design, Cape Town offers a bit of everything. The new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art is on its way, renowned vineyards and one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, you'll have a complete experience with this South African escape.

best places to travel 2017 frederick benjamin men's lifestyle journal

What was once a thriving settlement in the 14th century has seen a resurgence with the new Orange County Hampi resort. Inspired architecture, rich culture, and luxury amenities. This is definitely a new way to explore India. 

paros greece


Sandy shores, rich culture, and new amenities, Paros is a great summer getaway in the isles of Greece. Classic architecture, seaside villas, kitesurfing and exploring secret coves, you'll have more than enough to do!

Jackson HolePlace

You don't have to leave the states to see something majestic. Expansive vistas, hiking in the Grand Teton or (finally) seeing Yellowstone, who would've expected Wyoming to offer so much. Check out Jackson Hole when you can!

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