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Fall Style Guide 2016: Best Sweaters For Men

Posted by Michael James on

Welcome to this week's installment of our 2016 Fall Style Guide. And though it's not quite cold yet, the temperatures definitely aren't what they used to be. The jackets can stay in the closet for now but grabbing a sweater from the drawer might be a good idea. So we made it simple! There are the 5 types of sweaters you need to have for every occasion. So scroll below to find out what you should hit the mall this weekend. 

Not Always Wool

cotton linen blend sweater fall style guide best sweaters for men frederick benjamin grooming apc clothing

This cotton-linen blend from APC is proof that a sweater doesn't have to be heavy. Sometimes you just need a light layer. This basic crewneck makes it easy to style and the oatmeal color goes perfect with denim and sneakers or just under a navy 2-piece suit. 

Go With Camel

camel vneck sweater j crew best sweaters for men fall style guide 2016 frederick benjamin blog

This is pretty much a staple color for fall. As the leaves turn to hues of red, yellow, and brown, camel is a perfect anchor tone. This V-neck sweater from J. Crew is another easy buy. Wear it with a patterned shirt underneath or just let it flow. You can usually find it in a cashmere blend if not pure cashmere. Best way to start the season for sure. 

Make a Statement

best sweaters for men fall 2016 style guide frederick benjamin grooming

So we'll start off by saying this is definitely not for everybody. But this is the color of the season for our fashion-forward guys and everyone needs a chunkier sweater as the temperatures start to take more of a dip. Either way, check this bold option out from Howlin'. 

Trust a Classic

cable knit sweater best sweaters for men fall style guide 2016 frederick benjamin grooming

Everyone remembers their favorite cable knit. From the old days of classic Polo or Tommy, this brings back a lot of memories. If you don't have one, this is your season. This light beige is perfect for transitional wear and you can pair it with anything from chinos to denim.  

Not Just for Waldo

Best Sweaters For Men

Block stripe patterns are popular for the fall season. With that said, they're not for everyone. You have to make sure the pattern compliments your body type. But it's certainly worth a try. 

Tune in next week for another installment of our Fall Style Guide. And since we know that style is from head to toe, start with Frederick Benjamin Grooming products to stay on point. 


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