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Here's 11 Season 2 Predictions Of 'Atlanta'

Here's 11 Season 2 Predictions Of 'Atlanta'

Posted by Naiquan Dimetrius on

It's extremely safe to say that this season will involve someone or multiple people getting robbed. Creator Donald Glover confirmed that with the tag line: 'Robbin Season,' which directly relates to Christmas in Atlanta when crime is at an all-time high. The talented hyphenate also revealed that the concept behind everything that will happen this season is based off of the animated series "Tiny Toon Adventures." We expect robbin' of course, but here are our other predictions.

  1. Paper Boi Gets Robbed

Last season a lot of people began to notice the Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry). He even went to jail resulting in an amped up street cred. 

  1. Earn Gets Robbed 

In the "Atlanta" Paper Preview we keep seeing Van (Zazie Beetz) saying to Earn (Donald Glover) that he's going to get them robbed. So I'm pretty sure if Earn doesn't directly get robbed, he's going to cause someone to get robbed. 

  1. Van's

Van had a small hiccup when she smoked weed right before her urine test. It's time that Van really think about what makes her happy. It may not be Earn. 

  1. Pure Genius

With the theme being Robbin' Season and the expectation that there'll be a huge lumpsum of cash that one or all of the foursome will receive. We have a sneaking suspicion that Darius (LaKeith Stanfield), our resident enlightened stoner will be the catalyst for the team getting rich. If you don't believe take a look at the ginormous thoughts that come from smoking weed (for some). 

  1. Jackin' Off

Some residue regarding Earn's jacket will come up again in Season 2. In the season 1 finale we see that Earn went on a search for this jacket that wound up housing the key for the storage unit he's been occupying. That jacket, that key and his living arrangement will change. For the better? That's relative. 

  1. 'Game Of Thrones' Syndrome Anyone? 

Like the series mentioned above we have an inkling that no one is really going to win in the end. You can challenge us to a 'trail by combat,' but VARIETY has made their statement about the first three episodes of season 2: "The takeaway is that “Atlanta’s” leads are not exceptional; they are (heartbreakingly, hilariously) subject to the land they are rooted in." We know ned Stark should have never died. Such is life. 

  1. Is There Someone New? 

They'll be some new characters. Most likely a new love interest for Van or Darius. Darius gets distracted easily. 

  1. The Compass Will Break

Much like "Game Of Thrones" as well, we think that characters will surprise and abandon their normal routines and modes of operation. Earn and Darius might become more ruthless, Paper Boi might become broken, Van may not choose what's right for her family. 

  1. 'Get Out'

It's unlikely that anyone of the characters will go beyond their mind's farthest capacity. It reads pretty sad, right? Well, it seems Dona'd Glover's goal is to shine a light on the fact that like the city of Atlanta some or most people are trapped within their own realities. Stuck. 

  1. The Shocker

Their has to be one outlier, though...maybe. It's Darius' season. Maybe we found out that he orchestrated a lot of Paper Boi's successes all this time. 

  1. 'That's My Main'

A main character makes a decision #fortheculture and in order for the team to survive that doesn't directly benefit them. It's possible that Van will have to decide if she'll post-pone her dreams and aspirations yet again for Earn and her child. Maybe Earn allows her the freedom to live her life and for Paper Boi to outgrow his management skills. 

While we really don't know what will happen this upcoming season, we do know that we will be glued to our TV's/phones/iPad's/ and everything in between to get peek of authentic life in "Atlanta." Season 2 premieres Thursday, March 1 10/9C.

(Photo: FX Networks)

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