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Shave Like 'Black Panther'

Shave Like 'Black Panther'

Posted by Naiquan Dimetrius on

Being a king isn't always about being the most physically fit, it's also about having the most swift shaving routine. In the spirit of "Black Panther" we've gathered five full proof tips to be a more agile shaving expert.
Let your training toward the shaving throne begin below.
  1. Polish Yourself Off First
    If you want a close shave it's a great idea to exfoliate. Exfoliating rids your skin of dirt and other impurities, but it also demolishes dead skin cells that could clog your razor for a less than close shave. 

  2. Primed And Ready
    Use a priming oil. You'd want to soften the hairs on your beard so that the razor glides across the follicles and your skin effortlessly to prevent nicks. 
  3. Let's Clear Things Up
    While there are some great shave creams, we recommend you use a low foam shave gel. The Frederick Benjamin shave gel is clear, making it easy to see where you're shaving to avoid cutting yourself. 

  4. All About The Motion
    Remember to shave in short strokes with the grain of your facial hair. You can find out which way your facial hairs grows by taking a plastic credit/debit card to glide the card across your hair. The direction that gives the least resistance is the direction that you should shave in. 

  5. The Cool Down
    After you've shaved and rinsed your skin with cold water, be sure to apply an after-shave cream. The Bump Clear Post Shave Cream by Frederick Benjamin has ingredients like: Sunflower seed oil which aids in adding moisture that your skin lost during shaving as well as anti-inflammatory properties to fight razor rash, bumps and ingrown hairs. 

So now that you've got the tools, go out and conquer the world with your vibranium enhanced skills like a true ruler of the shave school. 


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