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Four Instagram Barbers You Need to Cut Your Hair

Four Instagram Barbers You Need to Cut Your Hair

Posted by Necole Jackson on


When moving to a new city, you expected your transition to a new job, a new environment and finding new boys to kick it with was going to be hard, but finding a new barber to achieve your classic style definitely tops all the above. You don’t trust everyone; we get it. Not everyone has your barber’s hands and can achieve that shape up just how you like it, but there’s so long you can hold off on visiting your old barber while not looking homeless. To take away the panic of not looking your best in the new city, here are four barbers that not only you should be following, but you should be booking to cut your hair ASAP.


Hawk Barber

IG Name: @Hawkthebarberprodigy

Followers: 117k

The hair industry for both men and women is boomin’ in Georgia just as big as New York and California and Hawk has been taking over the game with notoriety, skill, and dedication to the health of his client’s hair. Not only can he be found partnering with Babyliss Pro, but will be featured on the new season of The Look All-Stars as a featured barber highlighting all his cutting skills. Check him out at Furious Styles Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia.




IG Name: @andyauthentic

Followers: 183k

If you’re located in the Connecticut area, there is one barber who sticks out from the rest, not just because of his talent, but the philanthropic education he gives back to future barbers. There’s no question Andy can provide the style you need with clients varying from all ethnicities and ages. Also partnering with Babyliss Pro, all of his client reviews mention how he caters to each look and cares about the basic health of the hair as well as the swag. You can book your appointment with him at Fresh Factory Barbershop in Bristol, CT.



luxurious barber

IG Name: luxuriousbarber

Followers: 12.5k

If a barber is promoting a luxurious experience while in his chair, this is for sure the shop you need to step in while in the DMV area. Pedro may be the youngest of the list, but his skills, including cutting and coloring, are just as sharp as the rest. If you’re a female looking for a haircut, The Luxurious Barber can also upgrade your look with some dope hairstyles. Check him out at the Hair Company USA in Capitol Heights, MD.



Alex Andre

IG Name: @lex_andre

Followers: 29.9k

New to the Boston area? Make an appointment in Alex’s chair, a second-generation barber who’s skill with hair design is one of the best we’ve seen. He’s gone viral with cutting rare and detailed designs of people, flowers, or whatever his clients throw at him in their hair. Just knowing his cutting skills are that precise, you’re going to get more than a basic haircut in his chair. Book your appointment at Marvelous Cuts in Brockton, MA today.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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