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9 Shaving Lessons Men Wished They Learn from Dad

9 Shaving Lessons Men Wished They Learn from Dad

Posted by Janell Hickman on


Since Father’s Day is around the corner (6/21 to be exact...p.s. did you get a gift yet?), we were feeling reflective about grooming lessons we may (or may not have) learned from dad. 

But, listen, this article isn’t to shade your father — instead consider it a conversation starter to revisit how grooming rituals are trickled down to younger generations. Beyond the “birds and the bees” talk, did you learn much about shaving, skincare, and haircare? Likely not. And, at Frederick Benjamin we want to change that. We’ve created a line of products to give Black men their smoothest shave experience, and combat everything from razor bumps to acne. 

This year, start an open dialogue with your own father (or maybe just a young man in your life) to share or seek information about shaving. More than ever, we need to build community in an open, honest, and vulnerable way. 

Let’s kick it back to some #TBT responses from some FB fans who shared “what they wished they learned about shaving.” Some may be hella relatable and others might just make you chuckle. 

Either way, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads (and father figures) out there! We salute you today, and every day after.


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"The role of a good lather." - Ken Miles (@kmilesaways)


A post shared by Frederick Benjamin Grooming (@fredbgrooming) on "Probably the importance of one blade versus these turbo razors with 3 to 5 blades." - Max ()


"Probably the importance of one blade versus these turbo razors with 3 to 5 blades." - Max (@maxoctober)

"I wish my father would have taught me how to use a straight razor to create a cleaner line for my beard." - Ken (@day_as_a_darpoh)

"My dad did a pretty good job teaching me the basics. But, it's mostly the upkeep and moisturizing side that I had to teach myself." - Jared (@jdm_ceo)

"[I pretty much] I taught myself everything." - Chris (@chrisastevens)

"I wish he taught me more about my skin and that it would require special care. [Especially since Black men] are prone to rashes and razor bumps." - Solomon (@solomon_chancellor)

"...[That] we have two different types of skin. If he taught me how to use some other sort of alternative instead of me figuring it out, that would've been great." - George M. (@stuylin)

"That it would take me 25 years to finally see some 'real' hair on my face (lol). [In all seriousness] I wish I knew how troublesome the normal razors on the market were and that they weren't necessarily built for my kind of hair." - Ofo (@ofoezeugwu)

"I wish he'd talked to me about sensitive skin and the need to be careful of what products work best. [I also wish he taught me] how to prepares and care for my skin before (and after) shaving." - Jay (@icemanbaldy)

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