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Why Your Razor Bumps Won't Go Away

by Michael james |

We know the feeling. You look in the mirror, lift your chin and turn from side to side. The bumps are there. Probably have been for a while. And you just don’t know what to do about it. 

Despite what you’ve been told, men need skin care too. So it’s not enough to shave and just hope for the best. Your grooming should be intentional. 

So before we get to why razor bumps won’t go away (don’t worry, we’ll show you how), let’s talk about what they are and why you get them, so you can look your best—without the frustration, pain and irritation.

What Are Razor Bumps?

Known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, razor bumps are actually in-grown hairs— curled hairs that grow under the skin as opposed to outward—and usually appear along and under the jaw, neck and sometimes on the back of the neck. The result is a raised bump or painful, sensitive sore.

Ingrown hairs are the consequence of the removal of hair by shaving or plucking. So whether you’re using your razor, tweezers, or even your hands, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Why You Get Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are a common skin condition for men anywhere from age 14 to well over 60. So that means you can start having issues from your very first shave! 

If you never change how you shave, then razor bumps can linger and worsen. 

(And no, they don’t only happen when you use a straight razor or single blade.)

The fact is, razor bumps can happen even if you use the most high-tech multi-blade razor on the market. And if you have coarse, curly hair, you’re more likely to suffer from ingrown hairsr.

To combat this, some men grow a beard to limit interactions with a razor. But if a clean shave is part of your look (or any variation of a goatee, soul patch or solo ‘stache), then it’s all in how you shave to prevent razor bumps.


"How do I prevent razor bumps?"

You can have a pain-free, bump-free shave, you just need the right routine. There are a few things you want to check off your list when it comes to getting a great shave. 

The first is to start with a sharp blade. Dull blades tend to tug and pull hair from the follicle instead of cutting across them—causing irritation, redness, pain, and eventually an in-grown hair if it curls back underneath the skin.  

Blades usually become dull if they stay wet after use so don’t let your blades air dry! 

Key tip: Pat your razor dry with a clean towel before storing it away between uses. 

Grain mapping is key

Second, you have to know how your hair grows. Grain mapping— seeing the direction your hairs grow before you shave—is a great way to reduce the occurrence of razor bumps. One of the secrets to a good shave is to decrease the tension between the blades and your hair and skin—and that means shaving ‘with the grain’ as much as you can. 

Key tip: To accurately grain map, you just pull your skin taught as you’re in the mirror and you’ll start to see the patterns that form with new growth. Then you’ll know how to position your blade to consistently shave with the grain.

It’s all about moisture! 

Third, you have to use the right products. Remember, you want to decrease the tension between the blade and your skin and hair. That means you need to lubricate your hair and skin to let the razor do it’s best work. 

But a sharp blade and a grain map means nothing if you can’t see what you’re shaving. Traditional aerosols and foams cover your face and don’t add the razor glide you need to shave with the grain and reduce the tension between the blade and hair. 

That’s why we recommend a pre-shave routine to maintain moisture, starting with our Easy Primer pre-shave oil to soften your hair and add glide without greasy residue.

Then follow up with our Hydro-Glaze shave gel, an aloe-based gel that goes on clear so you can see what you’re shaving while still soothing and cooling your skin. 

"What if I already have razor bumps?"

To treat existing bumps (and prevent new ones), finish up with our clinically proven Bump Clear razor bump treatment and post-shave lotion.

Over 97% of men reported a significant decrease in the appearance of bumps in as little as 14 days of use. Just apply liberally and spread evenly across the affected areas to moisturize your skin without the harsh sting of traditional alcohol-based aftershaves.

Our Bump Clear is infused with natural oils, anti-bacterials and prescription actives to eliminate existing razor bumps and prevent future irritation.

Watch the simple how-to video below!




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