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Puffy, Tired Eyes? Three Simple Remedies for Men

Posted by Michael James on

Three Simple Remedies for Men

DJ Khaled shares keys everyday on how to live a better, healthier life. Even other celebrities like Gucci Mane and Diddy have 'grammed and snapped their newfound lifestyles, but there’s something they aren’t sharing with you. How do they travel around the world, party every night or record their hits late in the studio, but never look tired? Do they even suffer from allergies? Seems like we can never tell because of their refreshed skin. We know your trying to turn your birthday into a lifestyle, but looking the part is also key. We’re going to give you three simple remedies to get rid of your puffy, tired eyes.

First rule: everyone should have a skin routine, no excuses. And the products you use need to fit your skin type. The simple wash-your-face-with-Dove-and-go routine may have worked during adolescence, but it’s time to man up. This is something that has worked in Diddy’s favor. Your skin routine should contain an eye cream that eliminates dark circles, puffy eyes and the overall tired look. Our recommendation: try Kiehl’s Eye Alert for Men. It contains rejuvenating ingredients like cucumbers, caffeine and Vitamin E that will freshen your eyes and your overall look.

Three Simple Remedies for Men

But what if you have sensitive skin? The second key remedy is trying natural rose water. Rose water contains multiple vitamins, which keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. This natural solution reduces skin inflammation. Cool the rose water by placing it in the refrigerator for half hour. Then apply to the skin with a cotton pad.  
The last remedy to get rid of puffy, tired eyes is very much simple: taking care of your body. Whether you’re aiming for a promotion in the office and pulling all-nighters or taking advantage of your summer 16 by traveling and partying, be sure to get the proper rest (eight hours isn’t that long). Stay hydrated by drinking lots water. Constant movement without allowing your body to rest can translate on your face. Implementing these minor changes to your routine can have major, lasting effects.

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