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WaverWednesday: How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

Posted by Michael James on

Over the last four weeks, we've discussed what you needed to get started and how to maintain your pattern once you got a routine down. Over time when using your hair brushes, product build-up and dead hair can be left behind on your bristles. This week for Waver Wednesdays, I’m going to show you how I personally clean my hair brushes. You can do this more than one way so feel free to experiment using this tutorial as a starting point.

First lets go over what you’ll need…

• Brush cleaner
• Small scrub brush
• Rubbing Alcohol (1 tbsp.)

How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

I start out cleaning my brushes by removing any dead hairs from the bristles. Hold the brush by the handle and run the brush cleaner through the bristles for about 30 seconds. Be aware that you will have a few loose bristles that may fall out. This is completely normal and will not hurt the overall quality of the brush.

You should be able to see the loose hairs on the brush cleaner that was collected from the bristles.
How to Clean Your Hair Brushes
After you removed all the dead hair, take your small club brush and a dab of rubbing alcohol. Run your small scrub brush through the bristles, this is going to help remove any oil build up. The rubbing alcohol dries fast to help prevent water damage to your brush. You can do this process twice if you like just to make sure your bristles are completely clean.

How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

The best indicator that your brush is clean, the base of the brush should be visible all the way through where there’s no loose hairs in the bristles. Some wavers would prefer to wet their bristles when washing their brush. All brushes aren’t designed the same, some brushes are designed to take water while some are not so approach wetting your brush with caution. Rule of thumb, try to check on your brushes at least once a month to make sure they’re clean.
How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

Next week we’ll have an interview with a member from Elitespins to give us a few tips on what they do to stay wavy. Don’t forget to hit is up on Instagram using the hash tag #WaverWednesday if you want to show us your progress. Until next time, stay wavy.


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