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How to Deal with Dandruff in 3 Simple Steps

Posted by Michael James on

Seborrheic dermatitis, AKA heavy dandruff is a common condition among men. So what exactly is it? Dandruff is actually skin cells renewing themselves in greater volume and frequency then normal. As new skin cells develop, the old skin cells push their way to the front and flake off. Dry hair tends to make skin cells renew at a more rapid pace. For black men in particular, hair tends to be less oily which makes treating dandruff much more difficult. Washing with over-the-counter medicated shampoos may cause the scalp to dry out to the point that the dandruff worsens. So what can you do?


A healthy scalp is a moisturized scalp. If you'll be using a powerful shampoo, make sure that you're balancing it with a moisturizing conditioner. Slower sebum (oil) production is one of the reasons why moisture is also needed throughout the day. So whether you're using natural oils like jojoba or coconut, or using a hydrating creme, you want to seal in the moisture as much as possible. Try to avoid products that contain mineral oils or petrolatum--they make your hair shiny but do nothing for restoring moisture at the root.

Check your weather app!

For most guys, catching the weather report gives you just enough information to get dressed. But it can also help your hair. Extreme hold or cold can lead to even drier scalp and make your dandruff worse. Opt for appropriate head gear when making the decision to start your day. Or if the weather is shaping up to be really nice, pack something for the commute home just in case you encounter strong air conditioning--or a non-working one.

Be picky!

It's a vicious cycle. The more styling products you use in your hair, the greater the build up. The greater the build up, the greater the frequency of washing your hair. The greater the frequency of washing your hair, the greater the likelihood that your hair will dry out--which leads to more products. Keep things simple. Look for styling products that moisturize as they hold for a look that lasts all day without all of the extra gunk.

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