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Q&A: How To Get 360 Waves

Posted by Maliki Durant on

New members join the Elite Spins community everyday and our community still has some beginners that might not be ahead of the curve in their 360 waves progress. This week, we took the time out to put together a Q&A for our members in the community from Facebook to Instagram. We get submissions daily so we won’t be able to answers all the questions, but we’ll do our best helping out in anyway we can.

Q: “I’m having a problem getting my crown to connect properly, what steps should I take to improve this?”

How To Get 360 Waves


A: Continue to do what you do as far as brushing goes. From the looks of your foundation is set properly, now it’s just about cleaning up little areas around the crown. Moisture is key when training your hair to lay down properly, making sure you moisturize daily will help improve how your hair lays down. Also take time to comb your crown and see what it looks like properly connected. Once you get use to combing, follow that up with brushing, then lay your hair down with a durag or wave cap.

Q: “Why does my hair texture keep changing during my 'wolf’?”


How To Get 360 Waves

A: This is something most wavers will experience based on the fact that we're stretching our curls to limits our hair has to get use to. Over time your hair will get use to being stretched from brushing and laid down, that’s when you’ll reach your maximum curl length. It's completely normal and we’ll dedicate a full article on this topic in the near future.

Q: Benefits of ATG (against the grain) combing and WTG (with the grain) combing?


A: Combing with the grain will help lift your hairs and properly distribute product in your hair from root to end. Combing against the grain helps lift any tangled hair the human eye can't see. Be careful how you approach combing if your scalp isn’t use to it. If you comb atg/wtg and your scalp gets a little sore, you're going to have to take sometime to train your hair to get use to combing as well as brushing.

We appreciate the questions that were submitted, more Q&A’s coming soon. If you’re interested in asking a question and would like to show us your progress feel free to hit us up on Instagram using the hashtag #WaverWednesday.

Until then, keep those brushes moving!


Kado is the founder of Elite Spins, a digital community for wavers to share product reviews, methods, and tips. Connect with him personally on Instagram and follow the Elite Spins page.

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