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Summer 101: Our Favorite Warm Weather Styles From Our Favorite Haircons

Summer 101: Our Favorite Warm Weather Styles From Our Favorite Haircons

Posted by Tyrus Townsend on

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

There are three things men really care about: money, sneakers and a fresh haircut. If you barber ain't right then your life is in complete shambles. So this season we are keeping it simple: short, medium and long length.  Don't take the easy way out and rock a baldie; step outside the barber box and be influenced by hip hop artist Nas, R&B King of Quiet  Soul  and newcomer Killmonger (of Black Panther fame) and live your best hair life. Whether you want our advice or not, here are our top 3 cuts we suggest you consider for this blasted warm weather.  

The Nas

nas large

(Photo Credit: Google)

Queensbridge's Finest made this cut iconic. The way you maintain it makes you ionic. One of most recognizable black men haircuts is the caesar with deep waves. Though not a new style, as it is an updated version of the conk previously worned by Malcolm X, Nat King Cole and Sammie Davis Jr., the style is the biggest fad amongst millennials who flock to IG and YouTube for how-to instructions achieving this look. Let us tell you the real: this is the cut everyone wants for the summer.  If and only if you decide waves are for you, consult with your barber beforehand to prepare your hair before you start the wave process.  Purchase a du rag, a container of our Sleek Water Pomade, a 100% boar bristle wave brush and will see results in no time. When in doubt, speak to your barber for more advice on how to achieve this unique haircut. Or just visit one of our many articles and your problem will be solved. 

How To Style: Use a dime size amount of Sleek Water Pomade, rub in thoroughly until product disappears, brush responsibly and wrap, if need. 

The Trevor Jackson

who is trevor

(Photo Credit: AMA)

The iconic cut that symbolised the golden era of hip-hop, the box fade brings all kinds of nostalgia. Remember when Al B. Sure, Sinbad, Big Daddy Kane and Kid (of Kid 'N-Play) had you feening to achieve that heightened look?  Although the look never left millennial celebrities like Trevor Jackson, Chris Brown and even the entire NBA have managed to re-introduce the cut with their own flare (added rat-tail, pinked dyed and braided) and style. Taper the sides down to a short length with a box shape, about 5-6 inches on top, and rock it straight up, texturized and even braids (think A$AP Rocky). It may not land on you the hottest street style hair blogs but it will garner you attention from that KeKe. 

How To Style: Try our Natural Curls Kit Hair Products with Sponge Brush

The Killmonger

Summer 101

(Photo Credit: USA Jacket)

I think this is what happened: Killmonger was rocking a hi-top fade and stopped his daily grooming regime due to lack of Frederick Benjamin products. After a few months he noticed slight locking and his barber decided to keep the top high and the sides low. Well maybe that's not what happened exactly but it sounds good and makes perfect sense. A redux of your father's '90s locked look, the 2018 version is more relevant and abstract yet simple. Keep the top moisturized and braid it back, to the side and forward to coincide with your mood and outfit. Keep the sides tapered and neat. This haircut works particularly well for the lazy gent, who the hair on top is a little longer and unruly.

Product Suggestion: Try The Daily Hydrator Creme for an overall moisturizing experience.  

For more hair care tips and to purchase products mentioned in the story visit SHOP ALL and become a Frederick Benjamin Man today!

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