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Top 3 Tips For Building 360 Waves

Top 3 Tips For Building 360 Waves

Posted by Michael james on

Building a foundation for 360 waves can be a difficult task, especially if you have coarse, dry hair.

It's important to establish a hair care routine in addition to the work you do to get the look you want.

Before you can lay a good foundation, you should look to effectively moisturize dry hair and scalp. Moisturizing beforehand will make the hair softer and more manageable.

You want to have a bit of growth where you can see a bit of your natural curl pattern forming.

Start with clean hair and deep condition before brushing.

With a few top tips for building 360 waves, you’ll be well on your way to spinnin' with the best of 'em. And it all starts with the right tools.

1. Choosing the right brush for 360 waves

How to get 360 waves hair brushes Frederick Benjamin

Hair brushes come in all different shapes and sizes. The bristles and density are designed to cater to the particular texture of your hair.

Hard brushes are more suitable for kinky and curly haired wavers, whereas medium and soft brushes are for wavers with less kinky (or tightly coiled) hair.

Choosing the right brush is crucial to the foundation for your 360 waves and you'll learn really quick not to put too much stress on your scalp when starting out.

Instead of pulling your curls straight, you want a brush that will just start to evenly lay them down in your desired pattern.

2. Compress your hair at least once a day for more defined 360 waves

How to get 360 waves three tips Frederick Benjamin

Compression is one of the most important factors to building your foundation. Once you finish moisturizing and brushing, you’ll need something to lay your hair down to maintain your progress.

Using a durag is a great solution. You want to use silk or satin to compress as opposed to cotton or other fiber blends because silk or satin durags help to maintain the moisture in your hair. You don't want dry or frizzy 360 waves.

Based on the length of your hair, you may need additional compression. If so, put a wave cap on over your durag to get the desired effect.

You can also use a pomade for extra hold while you compress. 

3. Have patience! Getting 360 Waves Can Take Time

Progress doesn’t happen overnight. Once you find a good routine you should start to see some ripples in as little as 2 weeks. As you continue with your routine, you’ll start to see better results.

With consistency, you'll eventually look like this:

How to get 360 waves three tips Frederick Benjamin

There’s many other tips to consider when building a foundation for 360 waves, but with the three tips above, you should be well on your way to being wavy.

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