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WaverWednesday: 3 Tricks for Getting More Defined 360 Waves

Posted by Michael James on

So you decided to enter the lifestyle of waving. You went out and purchased everything you needed to get started, now you’re ready to start your wavy journey. Last week, we talked about 3 tips to building your foundation. This week we’re going to cover some more basics and tricks that’ll help you get more defined hair waves.


wolfing 360 waves process how to style black hair

Wolfing is a term wavers use that describes growing your hair out for a set number of weeks. For example, when you get a haircut, wait a few days before you start to count how many weeks it takes until you need another haircut. This helps build definition to your pattern and also helps let you know if your hair is un-even in certain areas. Everyone hair is different in regards to many variables including how fast your hair grows, so how long you wolf will often vary from waver to waver. When starting out you’ll have no real purpose to wolf if you don’t visibly have waves. Once you start to build a foundation you’ll gain the ability to grow your hair out longer than you’re accustomed to.  


how to get 360 waves kado elite spins waverwednesday frederick benjamin grooming blog

Technically waves are described as curls that are being stretched with the help of brushing and compression.  Combing helps play a factor in stretching out curls the naked eye can’t see. The texture of your hair also plays a factor in how effective combing will be when wolfing. If you have medium to fine textured hair, combing may not help as much as it would to someone with coarse and curly hair. There are many combs to choose from thin tooth to wide tooth. In the future we’ll go over a helpful technique that can only be done with a comb.


3 tricks

Most people already have a mirror in their bathroom so this is the place where most wavers, including myself started. Using a hand mirror with your bathroom mirror will help you see when you’re brushing the back of your pattern and other hard to reach areas. A helpful way to use your mirror would be to turn your back to the larger mirror and use your hand mirror to navigate your view.

If you followed the journal from last week to this week, you should have a much better understanding of what it takes to start a foundation for 360 waves. If you want to show us your progress, post a picture on Instagram using the hash tag #WaverWednesday and we’ll check it out.


Kado is the founder of Elite Spins. Check him out on his personal page here for more waver tips. 

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