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What to do with curly hair? Top 5 Men's Hair Styles for Summer

Posted by Michael James on

Tired of your boring, usual hairstyle and looking for a summer change? Here are five top styles for the summer. In order to complete these looks, there are two essential products to apply on your hair:

Frederick Benjamin’s Daily Hydrator is a lightweight, grease-free styling crème that reinvigorates dry scalp and hair, leaving the scalp conditioned and the hair soft and shiny. If you’re looking for a product that does the same trick as gel, but without the added flaky results, this will do the trick. The product contains spearmint, clove nettle and hemp seed, which are needed for maintaining a hydrated scalp.

The second product to apply is our Water-Based Pomade, which provides a classic, sleek finish without the weight of grease. Our Sleek Water includes natural oils like hemp seed and grapefruit, which will thicken your hair and replenishes your scalp.

Both of these products are petrolatum free, mineral oil free and paraben-free. Let’s take a look at our five summer styles and how to achieve them.

omarion braids cornrows mohawk how to style black hair

Even though ladies love the natural hair, with the way this heat is set up, wearing your hair off your face is important to stay cool. Our first style trend for summer 16’ can be seen on Omarion, The Game and Chris Brown. Cornrows (not box braids) are a major trend with both sexes. Adding these braids to your Mohawk is perfect to stay cool and in-trend. When creating this style, add our Sleek-Water Pomade to your edges for a clean look while hydrating your scalp with our Daily Hydrator.

chris brown high top fade blonde 2016 ombre how to style black hair summer

Our next style trend for curly hair can be seen featured on Chris Brown. Add a spin to your natural curls by giving your hair an ombre look. Ombre features one starting color from roots to decided point, with another color (blonde, red, teal, etc.) transitioning in down to your ends. Brown’s ombre is worn with a high-top fade and blonde, ombre curls. Be aware that color can damage your natural hair. It is important to replenish your hair of the oils and hydration, which can be stripped by color. Keep your hair hydrated by adding our Daily Hydrator to your hair routine.

joshua kissi street etiquette man bun how to style black men hair summer curly hair

Man buns are third on our list of natural hairstyles for curly hair. Whether you’re continuing with a high-top fade or have a full head of curls, you have the option to wear a high bun or low. Simply apply our Daily Hydrator to your hair, followed by applying our Sleek-Water Pomade to your edges. Man buns can be worn tight, pictured here, or messy featuring natural, bold curls.

pusha t single strand braids how to style black men hair summer

Here’s another alternative to avoiding more heat on your face with free-flowing curls. Quincy has lately been seen sporting this style, while A$AP Rocky has implemented this look to his image. Similar to achieving cornrows, apply our Daily Hydrator to the hair and our Sleek Water Pomade to the edges. This look can be done with wet or damp hair.

allen onyia hair haircut natural curls how to style black men hair summer

Females love free-flowing natural curls, which is why this natural look is last on our list of styles for the summer. In order to achieve this look, applying our Daily Hydrator to your hair and then using a twist sponge to add more definition to your look. Continuing on trend, this male is featured with a high-top fade and fresh shape-up. You can also grab our natural curls kit to care for and style your hair. With any of these options, your girl is sure to play with your hair.

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