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Newsflash: You’re Probably Shaving Wrong!

Newsflash: You’re Probably Shaving Wrong!

Posted by Walter Yeates on

Even if you've been shaving since your teenage years, the likelihood of receiving sage grooming advice might have been slim-to-none. Don’t believe us? We even caught up with a few brothers who shared their personal grooming gripes to build our case. But, if you're still experiencing bumps, irritation, scraps, or cuts, that means your shave is taking a wrong turn somewhere. 

Saving Wrong 1

Naturally, we want to grooming experts, we know that several factors go into an efficient, effective, and pain-free shave. In conjunction with our products, we want to make every time you pick up a razor, you look and feel confident. Below, we break down five mistakes most men make while shaving — and of course, how to fix them fast. 

Mistake No.1: Skipping Out on Exfoliation  

I know, I know, this seems like an extra step. But, a pre-shave exfoliating solution will remove unwanted (and unnecessary) dead skin cells from your face, allowing for a cleaner cut and reduces the likelihood of getting razor bumps on the back end. Incorporating a little exfoliation between 2-to-3 times per week could make all the difference in your shave. However, don’t go too crazy, over exfoliation can also leave your skin feeling sensitive and raw. #NotCool

Mistake No. 2: Selecting a Sub-Par Razor 

Take it from someone who has experienced this through trial-and-error with too many razors to count, before finding a match. Buying a razor can feel a bit complicated, but when it comes to selecting the proper one, blade technology comes into play.

Different strokes for different folks—listen, one-size-fits-all is not the answer here. If you are finding that multi-blade razors aren’t leaving with baby-smooth skin, switch to a single blade razor. I’m personally a fan of shopping online for razors — you can read more reviews plus have it delivered right to your doorstep. 

Mistake No. 3: Using Old-School Shaving Cream

Butter, cream, foam, or gel? Who knew there were so many options in the shaving arena. Listen up though: if you're using thick, lathery shaving foam (or cream) that could explain why you’re still having problems with bumps and irritation. It’s time to embrace the new era of shaving gel. Meet Frederick Benjamin’s best-selling Hydro Glaze Shave Gel.

Hydro Glaze : Saving Wrong

Not only is it foam-free, but designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, plus leaves little-to-no mess to clean up. Believe me, shaving butters and gels are the top shelf shaving solutions—especially if you have sensitive skin. Post-shave, try their best-selling Bump Clear to calm and soothe skin, plus stop bumps before they start. 

Razor Bump Treatment

Mistake No. 4: Using Too Much Pressure

If you selected the right razor (see mistake no. 2 for context), the blade should already be sharp...which means you don't have to use a lot of pressure to get decent results. Muscling up on your razor could result in irritation, or worse, cuts. Nobody wants a cut-up face from shaving, right? So, be calm, be cool, and don't use too much pressure while you shave. That’s it, that's the tweet. 

Mistake No. 5: Not Prepping Your Skin Properly

If you got this far in this article (and plan on following my advice), consider this option: plan your shaves in advance. Downtime may be limited, but during your next shave, drench a cloth in hot water, and either drape or run it across your face until it cools down.

Why? Doing so will open your pores and soften the hair on your face — all making it less likely to irritate your skin. Opt for this method before applying FBG’s Easy Primer Skin & Beard Oil to shield the skin against razor burn. 

Written by Walter Yeates

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