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How to Grow Your Hair for Winter

How to Grow Your Hair for Winter

Posted by Tyrus Townsend on

Many of us are fearful of growing out our hair due to past traumas — such as being told long hair “for girls”; however that falsehood needs to stay in the past.

Men can, and will, grow out their hair whether society likes it or not. Oftentimes these acts are celebrated (or even encouraged) which is great for a young man’s self-esteem and freedom of expression. 

3 Black Men

No different than a high bald fade or wavy caesar, your growth journey begins at the end of your comfort zone. Here are the ways in which you can successfully achieve those longer lengths, starting today. 


Declaring you’re going to grow our hair out is easier said than done. It involves more than just the actual lengthening of the hair follicles; it begins and ends with your regimen.

As with anything grooming, drastic changes are not recommended. We ask that you consult with a hair care professional (a.k.a your barber or stylist) to give you the greenlight and keep you on task.

This also may mean consulting your significant other, mother, sister, etc. on what steps they use to gain their glorious lengths...and they will probably tell you this:

1. Trimming is king! Eliminating those dead ends and stray hairs will prevent breakage.

2. Attempt to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Not only will you hydrate your skin, the body’s largest organ, but you supply moisture to aid your health and scalp health. 

3. Switch-up your diet! Include a few helpings of water-rich fruits and vegetables (like cucumbers, watermelons and tomatoes), and reach for fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids to help keep hair shiny, full, and healthy. 

Now that you have mastered the art of “it’s all about maintenance to maintain," this should be a breeze since it follows your current regimen traditionally involves cleaning and conditioning your mane. 

2 natural products for blackmen with curly hair 2

Here's the deal: you must shampoo your hair at least once a week. Why once a week? Because you don’t want to strip the hair of its natural oils. This is especially important during the winter months and to keep your already dry scalp feeling hydrated and protected enough to withstand the elements of rain, wind and snow. 

When rinse use cool water instead of your typical lukewarm (or hot) temps to avoid frizziness and damage; this is especially true for those who are currently rocking locks or even braids. After cleansing, allot of time into your schedule for a good ole, deep conditioning. This can be done while in the shower or afterwards sitting in your favorite recliner, reading a magazine comfortably in your own space like the boss you are.


After the cleansing and conditioning, it's time for one of the most crucial steps in this hair journey: hydration. During the winter season, you have to take extra interest into what you're putting on your scalp (and roots), so stick to what you know, our best-selling Daily Hydrator Styling Creme

The Natural wave moisturizer

Keep in mind this will be your saving grace along with protective gear (like a winter hat or even a silk du-rag judgment, all love my brothers!) Style as normal and repeat these steps daily to ensure you look your best, even if you are working or holidaying from the comforts of your home!


Pop quiz, what did you learn? Hopefully, if you want to achieve long hair, you must treat it as a priority. It's more than just growing it out and going about your day. You need to brush, comb, nourish, cleanse, style and, most importantly, embrace your hair. You need it as much as it needs you and during these cold, dark months so make sure to treat it as such. Groom well brothers!

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