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Growing Your Hair (The Right Way!)

You've been thinking about it. "How would I look if..." You finally want to grow your hair but you definitely don't want the hassle. One of the biggest issues for guys growing textured or curly hair is that it stops being manageable; it seems like the longer it gets, the tougher it is to style. But that doesn't have to be the case for you. And it all starts with the right plan.

Get to the root

A successful hair-growing experiment starts and ends with moisture. Oftentimes, the struggle to style is really a scalp issue. Healthy hair is usually the result of a healthy scalp so getting beyond the surface is important. You need hair products that can penetrate coarse curly hair all the way down to the root without all the harsh chemicals. So before you head down the hair aisle for the texturizer, start by changing some bad habits.

1. Ease off the shampoo

One of the quickest ways to sap the moisture from your hair is to shampoo everyday. Look, we understand what the cycle is with products. You wash, style, wash out and re-apply on a daily basis. But popular shampoos have the tendency to dry out your hair with the same alcohols and sulfates they use to clean it. What's the fix? Look to decrease the frequency of shampooing to 3 days a week-- at maximum. It gives your hair a chance to recover by producing natural oils which seal in moisture.

2. Invest two minutes a day

One hundred twenty seconds. It goes by in a flash but thinking about it makes it seem like your whole morning routine will be thrown off. Regardless of how it sounds, commit to some extra shower time. Letting a conditioner sit in your hair longer replenishes moisture. And like any routine, it gets easier and easier to pass the time once you start. Plus, natural ingredients like clove and nettle stimulate the scalp to increase blood flow to the root for better growth.

3. Regular check-ins

Moisturize throughout the day. You can carry a spray bottle with a water and oil mixture to refresh your hair every so often or use a leave-in conditioner or creme to add and seal moisture. The better hydrated your hair, the easier it'll be to style.

4. Positive vibes only

Beware of stress! Not only the people that tick you off but also physical stress, even how your picking or combing your hair. If you feel that your curls may be too tight or tangled, don't proceed with dry hair. The tugging, pulling and eventual breakage can do serious damage to the hair growing process. Instead, carefully loosen or de-tangle wet hair with your fingers. You'll save yourself from a lot of painful strand snapping and uneven growth in the future.

5. Get the gallon

Finally, healthy hair starts from the inside out. Make sure you're staying hydrated in addition to your hair and scalp. You'll reap the benefits in your skin, weight and energy levels too.

  • Michael James