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The Frederick Benjamin Fit: How We Saw Our Fave Nominees at The Oscars

The Frederick Benjamin Fit: How We Saw Our Fave Nominees at The Oscars

Posted by Tyrus Townsend on

The Academy Awards is the biggest event for actors across the world. Many have compared them to the Super Bowl or better yet the NBA All-Star of Hollywood. This awards season, the Frederick Benjamin Team takes our favorite male nominees and pairs them with innovative and exciting designers to make sure the fit is proper and appropriate.


Daniel Kaluuya in Ikire Jones

 Daniel K Jones

First time nominee Daniel Kaluuya turned heads in "Get Out" and now he will prove he deserves this high honor with a smartly, selected outfit. We suggest Ikire Jones whose bold printed scarves will provide a deliberate statement on the red carpet and eliminate the need for a traditional bow tie.

To achieve Daniel's look, try our Natural Curls Kit Hair Products with Sponge Brush.


Denzel Washington in Tom Ford

Denzel W Tom Ford

The iconic thespian always dresses the part and why not continue that winning streak with Tom Ford who is known for his classic designs and sharp tailoring. Plus it Denzel-Freaking-Washington! 

To achieve Denzel's look, try our Daily Hydrator Men's Styling Creme


Jordan Peele in Casely-Hayford London

Jordan Peele CHLondon

Just as "Get Out" broke ground in the black arthouse thriller genre, Jordan Peele in British luxury brand Casely-Hayford London will introduce the father and son duo to the Hollywood masses. In these uniquely design threads Peele is guaranteed a win with or without the golden statue. 

To achieve Jordan's shiny facial shadow, try our multi-purpose Pre-Shave Beard Oil.

Sam Rockwell in Carlos Campos

Sam Rockwell Campos

Rockwell possesses a strong and intricate part of the success of"Three Billboards "and such an impression is only befitting that he should a designer like Carlos Campos. Minimal aesthetic with intentional fine tailoring and off-kilter detailing compliments Rockwell's sleek frame will do the garments wonders  and hopefully garners the win for "Best Dressed Nominee."

To achieve Sam's look, try our Sleek Water Pomade.

Timothee Chalamet in Margaret Howell

Timothee M Howell

The youngest nominee in decades, Timothee Chalamet's style is reflective of his generation: risky, modern, smart and heighten (trousers). So it makes perfect sense to pair him with British creative Margaret Howell. Chalet's off-the-runway approach wth Howell's penchant for deliberating mixing prints and fabrications makes this a match made in sartorial heaven.

To achieve Timothee's fullness, try The Regimen II- Hair Styling Products for Textured Hair. 

Woody Harrelson in Tokyo James

Harrelson James

A little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll is how we describe Woody Harrelson and Tokyo James aesthetic would make his red Carpet look a winner.  James' SS18 collection pays homage to the urban cowboy and how brilliant would it be to see Harrison in a non-traditional, hip length, off-white three piece suit? Lets pray to the fashion gods and keep our fingers crossed!

To achieve Woody's low-maintenance look, try our Invigorating Hair Conditioner for Men.

The 90th Annual Academy Award aired Sunday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on ABC. Leave us a note and let us know your fave dressed nominee!

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