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Don't suffer through spring! Dealing with seasonal allergies

Posted by Michael James on

Spring is finally here. And though we love the extra sunshine and warmer temps, we hate one thing: seasonal allergies. For some, pollen or ragweed have never been a problem. For others, suffering from the usual suspects: itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, sinus infections, and tears streaming down your face. It can make you look like this:

Dealing with seasonal allergies

Hitting the drug counter can help, but you'll probably be at work 'in a fog', drowsy and groggy in every meeting, on every team project or just simply at your desk trying to keep up. If you can't function, you can't perform. And we don't want anything getting in the way of you making money--how else would you by Frederick Benjamin grooming products?? ? So if you've been dealing with the same cycle for years (suffer, complain, take pills, complain, sleep, suffer), you're overdue for some real relief. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.


You won't know how to treat your allergies until you know what to treat. Having an allergist run a panel can isolate exactly what you're allergic to. Blood tests usually show the widest range of potential allergens, that way you'll be covered if you have issues in the fall too. Knowledge is power, and that gives you a fighting chance when it comes to battling your symptoms.


If you are allergic to what's flying around, the reaction starts when they hit the passages in your nose and the corners of your eyes. That starts the sneezing, runny nose and the tears, your body's way of trying to intervene and push them out of your system. So for a quick solution, think saline. A nasal spray and/or eye drops can go a long way if you have them handy when outside your window looks less than pleasant. Remember: prevention is the best medicine.


It may sound simple, but getting in those eight glasses can really help flush out your system. You've heard us talk about hydration before. Keeping your water intake high benefits your skin and hair for the same reason that it'll help your allergies: water goes in, toxins go out. Be consistent for two weeks and see how your body will be better able to adapt to the strain of seasonal allergies.


These are small interventions but doctors are there for a reason. If you're experiencing difficulty breathing--shortness of breath, wheezing--then you should seek immediate medical attention. Also, be on the look out for a sinus infection. A runny nose, while annoying, should be just that. If you start seeing anything in the yellow or green family, that means you may have an infection and you should see if you need to start on antibiotics or let it run its course.

Allergies suck but hopefully this season will be a bit better.

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